Monday, December 21, 2009

Very Chocolatey Dark Chocolate Steamed Milk Dessert

Never thought that I could make a chocolate steamed milk dessert chocolatier than that of
Yee Shun Milk Company's. But I think I just did.

I started with
dark chocolate milk instead of normal full fat milk ;)
I used 1 cup.

and to make things even more chocolatey...

Unsweetened chocolate powder and Hershey's dark chocolate chips.

I can't call this post a "recipe", since I really didn't measure stuff exactly...

To blend everything, you'll need to heat up the milk.
Heat the milk on stove top, add chocolate powder, chocolate chips and sugar, whisk everything until combined. Taste and adjust until you achieve what's yummy to you.

OK, we're done with the most difficult part of the "recipe" :D
Wow. Is it really that easy?
Yeah, otherwise, with my track record of failures, I wouldn't have even considered trying it.
Next, crack and beat two eggs.

Wait until the chocolate milk batter is just warm (so the eggs won't get cooked), pour into the beaten egg and whisk until all combined.

Hmmm, if I didn't think of the raw egg, I would've said cheers and drunk the whole thing. Run the batter over a fine sieve and pour into molds.

I just used my every day blue and white humble little bowls.

Place them on a plate for steaming.
If you have a steamer, congratulations, I envy you. Grrrrr.
I just used my wok.

In a wok, bring water to boil, add metal stand or you a plate/bowl placed upside down.

Oppps, forgot to tell you to cover the bowls with aluminium foil...please do so.

Place in the wok, cover wok and steam for about 15 minutes.

The surface should be a little jiggly....I think I've overdone mine a little, steamed for 20 minutes. Don't to what I did, guys.
But still...look at this...

A little spoonful of heavenly, silky, creamy, chocolatey deliciousness.
A little bokeh won't hurt, right?

Serve them hot, warm, or cold....but I just couldn't wait.
Some like it hot :)


Jason said...

wow, I want to get those Chinese cups and give this recipe a try! (after my Molten Chocolate Cake project with my new best friend!) ^^

Anonymous said...

Steam in really low heat to achieve smooth surface. 15 mins is just nice.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks really good and delicious. I never have this steamed milk dessert before.

EatTravelEat said...

So chocolate-y! I bet this is just like eating chocolate but in a different form. I've made ginger steamed milk but not chocolate yet.

Pei-Lin said...

WOW!!! Kudos! You make it look so easy ... I waited and waited! You finally had it posted!! Hurray!!

Will find sometime to try it ... Thanks for sharing, gal!!


Anonymous said...

You still have some chocolate on the tip of your nose, Rita. Yes, yes.. check in the mirror. I found some behind my left ear this morning. That stuff goes everywhere! :)

Unknown said...

hi :)
"Steam in really low heat to achieve smooth surface. 15 mins is just nice."

Thankss so much for the tips, I am so gonna again next time :)

Justin said...

wow, these seem amazing

tigerfish said...

This is so sinfully chocolate-ty! The 'heatiness" is just good for winter.

Sophie Sportende Foodie said...

OOoooh,...Aaaaaah,...what a grand dessert this is!!

Just look at all of this delciousness!

betty said...

can you steam them, in a rice steamer {rice cooker?] :D ? also would it be the same recipe, just no chocolate for the regular steam milk dessert? thanks for this recipe, i have been looking for one for the regular steam milk dessert everywhere and cant find one:(

Unknown said...

Hi, Betty. I haven't tried steaming them in a rice cooker..sounds like it might work too!...and I think I've seen plain steamed milk dessert recipe somewhere...or some with ginger. I'll post if I found it. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

You are beyond hilarious :) I never read the full stories behind recipes usually, I just skip to the part where I get told how it tastes and how to make it. But your posts are a blast! Keep up the good work x