Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Strawberries, Honey & Caramel

Things that we did with our strawberry loot from Kam Tin Country Park...
strawberry and honey
We dipped the strawberries with a bit of local honey bought from the country park. The honey's from strawberry flowers, super super fragrant! I love it.
We also had the strawberries we caramel spread.
Perfect. Match.

We had a lot of fun picking the berries. 
The perfect weekend activity.
Go before the weather gets too hot and all the strawberries are gone.

There were lots of things to do too. Super fun for kids. 

This year OB's big enough to feed the animals on his own. I totally enjoyed schooling the animals not to fight for the food :) 

Hey cutie little bunny...

Now OB is also old enough to ride this orange elephant on his own.

Mommy wanted to ride this too!

Extra treat! Pretty sunflowers bigger than my head!

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