Friday, December 30, 2011

The Bin Tai II - Indomie, Sausages, Cheese & Mayo Sandwich

The Bin Tai II - Toasted Buns, Indomie, Sausages, Grated Cheese, Mayo
To celebrate the last working day of the year, here's my bin tai (Canto for pervert - or click the word to see the definition from urban dictionary) gift to you all...the sequel to the bin tai.

The Bin Tai II - Toasted Buns, Indomie, Sausages, Grated Cheese, Mayo
The idea started from how in Hong Kong we have a typical breakfast set menu of instant noodles, toasts and sausages and eggs. Why don't I put them all in one package of a sandwich? Aha! So I did, except I forgot the eggs. Ugh. Typical me.

I think you pretty much know how everything's prepared, but I'm gonna share how it's done anyway. I'm show-offy like that ;)

- Buns or bread, and butter
- Your favorite sausages (or ham, or bacon, whatever pushes your buttons). I used chipotle cheese sausages
- Your favorite cheese(es). Ideally a combo of something that will melt well and something that will turn golden brown, but I only had cheddar, so I just used cheddar. Sobs
- Your favorite dry instant noodles. I used Indomie goreng. You can also use soup noodles but make it dry by excluding the soup and some of the seasoning to prevent it from going too salty
- Mayo and chilli sauce (or whatever sauces you want)

Prepare the noodles, undercook them to give the sandwich a bit of crunchiness and let the noodles withstand the additional heating the sandwich might need later. Once prepared, set aside. Butter the buns or bread generously and toast until golden brown. Slice and pan fry sausages, grate cheeses. Slather the buns with mayo and sauces, add fillings until the sandwich resembles an exploding, tumbling hot mess. Reheat the whole package in the oven, or you can blow torch the cheeses to melt and turn them golden.

Imagining how it tastes won't help much. Go ahead and create your own version of perverse yumminess!

And, Happy last Friday of 2011! Yayyyy!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Leisurely Lazy Holiday Breakfast's been a while since I've prettified and properly photographed my breakfasts or any meals for that matter. I don't do it anymore, even on weekends! Sobs.
Leisurely Breakfast
So, finally, I had a chance during my last holiday when my sister was in town. It's a lazy breakfast, because I didn't make anything. I just bought stuff and put them on the table. They are some of our favorites buns from Yamazaki bakery

Leisurely Breakfast
The savory bun has a creamy filling with onion, sweet corn and corned beef with some crispy cheesy bits all over, super yummy! Another favorite of mine is the pumpkin donut with curry beef filling. Awh! can something so small be so sinful and so yummy?

Leisurely Breakfast
I love ending every meal with something sweet, including breakfasts. Normally I just have coffee with some cream and sugar, but on a holiday, I had mini chocolate croissant and red bean donuts.

All those and my favorite local food magazine, Eat Travel Weekly (I adore their photography)...just perfect.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hong Kong Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation - Tuen Mun - Part 2

Here are more highlights from a fun weekend at Crossroads Foundation farmers market.
We had a lovely lunch picnic, Gary of joie de vivre made this delishhhh quiche.
Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation
Bacon chunks. Yummm!!!

He also brought these cheeses with yummy crackers.
Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation

Janice of e*ting the world brought this Harry Potter chocolate frog, which we massacred with glee :D
Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation

..and these fun flavored jelly beans.
Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation

As for me, I came empty handed (hihihih), and just ordered drinks from this gorgeous cafe...
Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation

Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation

The cafe has lotsss of toys...
Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation

...guess who enjoyed them the most?
Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation, not baby M,...but...

Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation
...uncle Jasonbonvivant! Hehehe (those are his legs; he was eyeing the pink "truck" baby M's playing)

We also visited the arts and crafts shop. It was SO HARD trying NOT to buy all the oh-too-cute stuff there (I need to save money for my new flat renovation T_T) I could only take pictures and wish these were mine...
Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation

The atmosphere's so wonderfully Christmassy...
Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation

Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation

Tuen Mun Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation
We enjoyed it thoroughly.
The fresh produce from the farmers market are posted on Part 1, which can be found here.
Janice of E*ting the world's post of this farmers market can be found here.
More photos will be uploaded to my facebook page.

And....wishing everyone happy holidays!
Have a delicious one :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hong Kong Farmers Market - Crossroads Foundation - Tuen Mun - Part 1

A farmers market in Hong Kong? Really? Seriously?
Uh huh!
Here are some pictures from that super fun day.

Produce, glorious produce <3
Farmers Market

Farmers Market
Lovely people.

Farmers Market

Farmers Market
So cute!

Farmers Market
Teeny tiny melon! I bought this :)

Farmers Market
I bought dry and fresh rosella too!

Farmers Market
My favorite veggie, tong ho!

Farmers Market

Farmers Market
Colorful chillies. So pretty!

Farmers Market
Handmade noodles.

Farmers Market
Next time we should bring a portable hotpot.

Farmers Market
My two boys had so much fun there.

Farmers Market
There's a lovely cafe and a charming shop selling arts and crafts.
Part 2 photos coming up, stay tuned :)

To find out more about Crossroads foundation, check out their website.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sauteed Mushrooms in Butter, Garlic & White Wine on Butter Toasts - Vegetarian Party Option

Mushroom Toasties
Perfect vegetarian option for parties, tea breaks, snacks, or even breakfast!
Super easy to prepare and so tasty!

I got the mushrooms from a farmers market which we visited last weekend.

Wait. A farmers market in Hong Kong???? Really???
Yesss! I'll post about it soon.

Anyway, yes. Fresh produce. Lots of fun. Now, back to the snack.

- Your favorite bread, cut the way you like it (I used Yamazaki Onion bread, removed the crust and cut into square-ish shape)
- Your favorite mushrooms
- Garlic, minced
- Butter
- White wine
- salt and pepper

Butter your bread generously, grill on a frying pan or oven until golden brown, set aside. Melt butter in a saute pan, saute garlic until fragrant, add mushrooms, cook until there's a bit of a brownage going, add white wine, cook until the white wine's reduced, season with salt and pepper, done. Add the mushrooms on top of the butter toasts.

Although I am a huge carnivore, no meat does not always mean no good :)