Thursday, December 29, 2011

Leisurely Lazy Holiday Breakfast's been a while since I've prettified and properly photographed my breakfasts or any meals for that matter. I don't do it anymore, even on weekends! Sobs.
Leisurely Breakfast
So, finally, I had a chance during my last holiday when my sister was in town. It's a lazy breakfast, because I didn't make anything. I just bought stuff and put them on the table. They are some of our favorites buns from Yamazaki bakery

Leisurely Breakfast
The savory bun has a creamy filling with onion, sweet corn and corned beef with some crispy cheesy bits all over, super yummy! Another favorite of mine is the pumpkin donut with curry beef filling. Awh! can something so small be so sinful and so yummy?

Leisurely Breakfast
I love ending every meal with something sweet, including breakfasts. Normally I just have coffee with some cream and sugar, but on a holiday, I had mini chocolate croissant and red bean donuts.

All those and my favorite local food magazine, Eat Travel Weekly (I adore their photography)...just perfect.


Joanne said...

RED BEAN DONUTS?!?!? I want those every morning for the rest of my life. For real.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Those buns are seriously tempting me, who could resist! I want to try them all. :P

mochaccinoland said...

those savory buns look so good with the bacon bits!!! i must try it!!! *drool*

shellie said...

everything looks beautiful and delcious!