Thursday, May 29, 2008

Instant Seafood Tamarind Curry - Back from Penang

Yoooo boys & girlssss! Finally! I am back from Penang! After what felt like millions handshakes, gadzillions of hugs and kisses (to and from customers), and countless lengthy explanations on inquiries (e.g: "so, could you tell me how your product works?" - this short question calls for at least 15 minutes explanation each. I tried to give it my best, with my sexy, throaty, flu affected, brian-adam-ish voice, sometimes accompanied by thunderous, glass shattering, non stop cough. I gotta hand it to our customers, who were not fazed by my mighty cough, not even a blink! LOL!)

In between trying to wake up and keep everybody happy for another day, I tried to sample local goodies, even if it had to be from the hotel's room service menu hehe. A trip to the supermarket is a luxury, and on the last day, based on Foodaholiv's advice, I bought these adorable story-books style packs of curry paste, and I tried the tamarind curry.

We were almost fooled by the packaging and thought that they were recipe books instead hehe

Seafood Instant Tamarind Curry


- half pound shrimps, shelled, deveined
- half pound fish fillet, sliced into big chunks
- 1 piece of chicken thigh fillet (optional), remove skin and excess fat, cut into bite sized chunks
- 2 cloves of garlic, crushed (optional)
- 3 cloves of shallot, finely chopped(optional)
- few bunches of fresh corriander, finely chopped (optional)
- 3 red chillis, remove core and seeds, finely chopped (optional)
- fried shallot (optional)
- a bit of olive oil, water
- 1 pack of Tamarind Curry paste (180 gr)

Saute aromatics in a bit of olive oil, add pieces of chicken, add tamarind curry paste, add a bit of water, bring to boil, cook until chicken pieces are almost done, add fish, cook until almost done, add shrimps until it turned into butterfly-like shape, garnish with fresh corriander and fried shallot. If you want it to be easier, skip everything "optional" and just cook your choice of meat with the curry paste hehe.

I'll post more goodies I got from Penang, stay tuned!

Regrets are useless but I couldn't help regretting....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Penang Street Eatery

My colleagues and I have been super busy these few days...working late nights...early morning start and all that jazz...but luckily we still managed to sneak out for some street food...^_*

Satay vendor - No offense...but I still love Indonesian sate the most hehe...maybe I am just homesick?

So many yummy choices, so little time (as always!)

Satay, fried oyster, and some deep fried goodies...

Sour plum and lime juice, super refreshing after a long hot day!

Gotta get my ass back to work now, hope I'll have time to try more local food (NOT from the room service menu) ^_^

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Penang: In Flight Meal & Hotel Room Service

The In Flight Meal

Loving the drink list...almost couldn't help but ordering everything from champagne to hot chocolate...but finally settled for...CX signature drinks! Oriental Breeze and Cloud Nine!

Both delicious!

Snacking tasty almonds...

The starter: fresh fruit plate...I am not a fresh fruit plate kinda girl hehe..

My beef tenderloin with mixed mushroom sauce with potatoes and grilled capsicums. The beef was perfectly cooked, the capsicum was sweet and refreshing ^_^

My colleague's order: seafood e-fu noodles. Gently flavored (aka not tasty enough for me hehe)

Dessert: Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate with chocolate pralines, on cloud nine...whoa...weren't we pampered or what? Not to shabby for Mochachocolata-Rita

Hotel Room Service

After briefings and meetings...we just couldn't wait to try some local food, even if it had to be ordered from hotel's room service. But this Penang Char Kway Teow from Equatorial Hotel is SUPERB! TASTY YUM YUM YUM! I highly recommended all of my colleagues to order this...the hotel's kitchen's better be prepared ^_*

Want more?...Stay tuned! Mochachocolata-Rita's off to more meetings, briefings & debriefings...but will be back with more goodies! ^_^

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ginger & Brown Sugar Grilled Chicken...& I'm Off to Penang!!!...

Gonna leave for Penang for work in a few minutes ;) & gonna stay there for about a week.

Generally, my travel objectives (applicable for both business & pleasure if possible) are:
- Take a picture with some kinda landmark (when desperate, airport & hotel room/convention centre count :p)
- Try local food (when desperate, anything from hotel room service counts - sorry)
- Buy corny souvenirs (when desperate, anything from supermarket/7-11 counts)

I hope I could achieve all three in this trip, I heard about all the good food from Penang and I'll be depressed and suicidal if I didn't get to try any...wish me luck, guys!'s my goodbye recipe:

Ginger & Brown Sugar Grilled Chicken
- 3 chicken thigh fillet, remove excess fat
- 2 cloves of garlic, 4 cloves of shallot, about 6 cm ginger, crushed
- 1 tsp ground corriander seed, 1 tsp nutmeg
- 1 stick of brown sugar
- dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, pepper
- half cup of coconut milk
- water, olive oil

Marinate chicken fillet with garlic, shallot, ginger, ground corriander seed, nutmeg powder, salt, pepper for minimum 1 hr, it'd be better if you could leave it overnight in the fridge. Boil the chicken with some water (just enough to cover the chicken) until the meat is 3/4 cooked, add coconut milk, cook using low heat. Preheat oven to 250 celcius, remove most liquid from the pot, keep it in a bowl for basting, grill chicken, add liquid to the skin from time to time, until the skin is nicely browned. Serve with steamed rice and sambal if you like it hot.

....and.....adios! See you soon guys, I am sure there' s Internet in Penang, just hope I'll have the time to get online! ^_^

Friday, May 16, 2008

Home Made vs Dine Out: Indonesian Fried Rice


- Fully customizable (such as: everything from your sauce rack- 1 dash each, vegetarianize/meat-loverize it, eat it with potato chips, doritos or cheese, or watever you fancy)
- Cost effective (materials & utilities = HK$48 serves 4 = HK$12 per meal)
- Flexible dress code (with face mask on (wrinkle hazard = your own risk), all dolled up, in evening dress/tux, in your undies, all naked, up to you ^_^)
- Carefree table manner (with elbows/feet on the table, using your bare hands, LOL with your mouth full, etc, as long as your current/future in-laws weren't there ^_*)
- Tailor-made Entertainment (play strip mahjong/poker/bridge as you eat, watch TLC/hard core (food) porn shows, watch your better half juggling oranges naked (just don't tell me about this), etc)
- Therapeutic (enjoyment of the cooking/preparation process, devouring the result, seeing your partner enjoying/totally hating the food LOL!)



This particular example is from 1968 (a posh Indonesian restaurant in Causeway Bay district, Hong Kong)
- Non-customizable (the set came with a "warning" that I should not expect anything like fried rice back home in Indonesia, and there's nothing I could do about it)
- Wallet unfriendly (the set costs me more than HK$100, which is more expensive than fried rice sets served in Indonesian 5 star hotels ^_^)
- Dress to impress (in such as posh restaurant, at a trendy district, you're expected to look nothing less than FABULOUS, which by Hong Kong standard means: fully made up, hair done in latest trend, choose an outfit theme , carry not only a monogrammed branded bag-but-preferably the latest hard to get "it" bag. If you got it, this is a good opportunity to flaunt it! ^_*)
- Excellent table manner required (NO, picking your teeth with the sate bamboo skewer stick is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Tracing your dinner date's legs with your toes under the table cloth? That's optional ^_*)
- Surprise Entertainment (eavesdrop your way through the evening, if you're lucky, you might get some investment tips , and yes! it is entertaining to see people cursing at the flavorless fried rice, or pretending to like it, and it'd even more amazing to see people really loving the flavorless fried rice - which I didn't see that night)
- Risk of Emotional Damages (caused by seeing the total amount on the bill, recurring nightmares of flavorless fried rice, haunted by repeated appearances of shrimp crackers in every dish throughout the meal, the disappointment of Indonesian food representation, etc)

My Home Made Fried Rice

The Cucumber Pickles
- 2 small cucumbers/1 big one, cut into 5mm slices
- 1 small red chilli, thinly sliced
- 1 small clove of shallot, thinly sliced
- vinegar
- sugar
- salt
- some water
mix everything in a bowl, adjust taste to suit your palate, let it rest in the fridge, preferably overnight, serve cold...very very refreshing for summer

Skewerless Sate Ayam Kecap Manis (Skewerless Chicken Sate with Sweet Soy Sauce)
(recipe in my next post)

My Version of Fried Rice
- 2 cups of rice, rested overnight in the fridge
- 5 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
- 6 cloves of shallot, finely chopped
- 3 small red chilli, remove seeds and core, thinly sliced
- half pound shrimps, deveined, marinate in lime juice, salt and pepper
- salt, sugar, pepper, kecap manis, ketchup, soy sauce, dark soy sauce
- olive oil/butter
- 1 or 2 egg/s
Saute shrimps until pink and curled, set aside, saute garlic, shallot and chilli, add rice, crack eggs on the side, mix about, add sauces, add shrimps, serve with fried shallots, emping crackers, chicken sate on the side

I had to eat a lot of this to repair my emotional damages

Thursday, May 15, 2008

@#$#!$@! OH NOOOO!!!!! My Indo Pancakes!!!!!

NOOO!!!!...NONONONONO...NO! !@$!#$$!#$$!!!!!
Please pardon my French...but you saw the above me, such an event called for a shriek in a foreign language, with a major volume increase, in a substantially higher pitch (only my neighbor's dog could hear), to be typed in bold, red font, with a lot of exclamation marks *sob sob*

Call me a drama queen, cos I really am one hehehe....this is how it all happened:

1. It was so early in the morning and I couldn't sleep thinking about Indonesian thick pancakes
2. I CRAVED in I gotta have it and I GOTTA HAVE IT NOW!!!
3. So I woke up and found a recipe online (oh I can't remember where did I get this recipe)
4. I didn't have all ingredients listed in the recipe (such as instant yeast), but referring to point #2, I decided to still go for it
5. The first batch wasn't that bad....although the pancake didn't raise as it should've (no yeastttt), but it was still yummy yum yum!

6. After pouring the 2nd batch into the hot pan, I reduced the heat to minimum, and....did something we SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER EVER! DO...which was...

8. Gone was my hope NOT to share these decadent, thick, rich and creamy goodness...I had to give half to my sous chef...

- 1 cup of self raising flour
- 3 pressed tbsp sugar
- half tsp salt
- half cup of coconut milk
- 1/4 cup peanut oil
- 2 eggs, beaten
- butter, chocolate rice, condensed milk, grated cheese, peanut chunks, etc (optional) for filling

Combine flour, sugar, salt in a mixing bowl, combine liquids in another bowl, mix well, pour batter into frying pan and cook on low heat, cover, it is done when the bottom is browned (NOT black) and you see bubbles on top, just pan-fry one side, do not flip. Slather butter, chocolate rice, condensed milk, grated cheese, peanut chunks, other anything else you desired for filling...

9. Determined not to be a quitter (aka still hungry), I scraped the burnt side of the second batch and still polish off the edible side anyway...
10. For what it's worth...the edible side was more than edible...unexpectedly, it was DELICIOUS

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chinese Take-Out Party LUCKY DRAW!

I am not big on lucky's a typical conversation I had with my workmates regarding Hong Kong's version of lotto, Mark Six:

X: Have you bought your tickets for Mark Six?
Me: No...why?
X: Get your ass moving, dummy! Tonight's jackpot is HK$60,000,000!!! (the Cantonese say it this way = six thousand of ten thousands (6000 x 10,000) instead of 60 big numbers confuse me all the time)
Me: Wow...that sounds like A LOT more zeroes than what I can comprehend in Cantonese
X: Yeah! If you don't see me tomorrow at work, I'll be off to some Carribean islands working on my tan, sipping my expensive bottle of Champagne, surrounded by A LOT of chicks, and f**k this job!!
Me: Oohhh OK...good luck, man!
X: Aren't you gonna buy Mark Six?
Me: Nah...I never win...not even HK$20 (the minimum win) in 5 years!!
X: Really????!!!...wait a minute...have you ever bought Mark Six?
Me:, why?
X: !@#$!$!$#!$#@!$....never mind!!! (in Cantonese = what a waste of air)

LOL! Anyway...I really wanted to give a token of my appreciation (something physical, not virtual) to ALL my party participants, but due to my super tight budget (which is a lot tighter than my azz), I could only give out one set this time ^_^... I shall look for a sponsor and give more next time, aye? ^_*

Now...I didn't know a better way to do I did it the conventional way:

...your names, printed out, cut...

folded, shaken & drawn from a plastic take-out lunch box ^_^

A team of auditors from KPMG witnessed the draw...KIDDING!!!...only a couple of workmates did and I swear I didn't look when I drew the name (take my words against theirs) and I didn't include my own name in that box (I meant, I didn't include only one...but most of the names in the box are mine KIDDING-2! ^_^)

Check out the lucky draw video below! It wasn't easy to hold a camera, shakin', drawin' & unfoldin" HAHA I should've asked someone to help me hold the camera T_T

Pardon the blurry video....hehe

Congratulations to the LUCKY WINNER!!!
(all names in the box are mine apart from the lucky winner's name!!! I couldn't believe I DIDN'T win!!! KIDDING-3!)


...see you at the next partee!...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chinese Take-Out Party: The Round Up!

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I remember the horror of planning annual dinner parties at work...the sleepless nights, the nightmares, the anxiousness, 100001 tiny little details we couldn't afford to overlook, the VIPs whose name we should never EVER misspell/mispronounce, or just say goodbye to my job...the timing, the flow, all the last minute changes, the looming post-event "evaluation" meeting (i.e. the dooms day, where everybody point their fingers and toes (if it's possible, they would, believe me) at you, where you will be judged for all your mistakes, where big mistakes (of others) went unnoticed while (your) small mistakes are being blown out of proportion..hehe)...ARRRGGHHHH! I don't think even David Tutera could help us! LOL! Luckily, I am such a party animal, I still managed to enjoy the parties despite all the nightmares ^_*

But planning this Chinese Take-Out Party was totally different...the sleepless nights were still there...but for totally different reasons, because I was just toooo excited (yes, I always get over-excited about anything)!!

When the idea first came into my head, I practically rolled around my whole 4 ft-tiny double bed kicking away my pillows, blankets, beloved bolster was even on the floor! I was sooo close to get my butt off the bed to write down all the bursting ideas, but hey! Why do today what we can postpone until tomorrow? LOL!

Anyway I am sure you guys got the idea of how excited I was...and it got even more exciting when I started receiving your entries...from so many different places, full of brilliant and creative ideas, all personalised and customised, yet so united! I'd like to thank everyone for participating with great dishes, I always said how I wish this party isn't a virtual one :)

So...I am beyond pleased to present today's Chinese Take-Out Menu, by you, from you, & for you!
(Pardon my cheesy-ness, pleeze..)


In Hong Kong, we love set meals..a set meal normall consists of a main with rice/noodles, which comes with a choice of soup and/or a standard drink, add HK$2 to upgrade to an iced drink :)
Below "chefs" created not only set meals, some are actually qualified to be a set menu for a banquet! Enjoy!

Set Meal A
Chicken Bakmoy from Kedai Hamburg
Retno created this delightful Indonesian-Chinese set of shrimp balls, stir fried chicken, boiled eggs in chicken soup, comes with steamed rice, shrimp crackers, and sambal petis

Set Meal B
The Greek Gwei-Lo Goes Chinese Set from Kalofagas
This gwei-lo surely knows his way around Chinese food :), he created this wholesome set of ginger chicken, stir fried bok choy and the set comes with a serving of yummy fried rice! An absolute indulgence, this set will surely make you forget even your hardest day at work! ;)

Set Meal C
Asian Inspired Wraps with Sesame Slaw from Canary Girl
Super creative Nikki came up with this Asian style pork loin roast with rice in tortilla wrap! The Sesame slaw and Steamed/fried dumplings on the side completed the set. Mexican? Asian? Can't decide? Try this set :)

Set Meal D
Dinner for Friends from Kits Chow
...if you have a whole table of hungry guests, this is the set for you:
- Pan fried pot stickers & samosas
- Watercress soup in rich chicken stock
- Grilled chicken in Thai sweet chilli sauce
- Grilled pork
- Beef braised in chou hou sauce
- Stir fried shrimps with ginger and scallion
- Stir fried asparagus, fresh bamboo shoots and baby corn
- Stir fried baby bok choy
- Pina colada milk pudding
Don't we all wish we're KC's friends and live around her area? ;)

Set Meal E
Taiwanese Rice Set from Teczcape - An escape to food
Tigerfish introduced us to this typical Taiwanese Rice Set. I totally understand how it could make even the best of us stay out of the kitchen and order in :)

Set Meal F
Spam & Pineapple Fried Rice with Pork & Chive Dumplings from Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy
The saltiness of spam, the sweetness of pineapple, & the different texture of vegetables...pretty much everything we're looking for in a bowl, eh? If that's not enough, the set comes with a serving of tasty fried dumplings. Now legs up on the ottoman, fingers on the TV remote your favorite drama with this meal :)

Hong Kong coffee shops normally serve snacks/lighter meals in the afternoon, for tea time, which is very popular amongst office dwellers (i.e. in an event where: you lost a bet/got promoted/completed a major project/closed a big deal, treat your whole team "tea-time") or you could order these as a side dish/appetizer

8801. Kimchee Potstickers from My Life is Yummy
These Korean inspired potstickers from Lina are perfect to start a meal! Look at those gorgeously browned bottoms (not mine hehe)!

8802. Wonton from Resto Mariena
Mariena brought that missing thing from your noodle plate,...wontons! Crispy or soupy? You decide!

8803. Steamed/Fried Dumplings from Canary Girl
Dip these babies into the tasty sauce Nikki created, sweet soy, regular soy, & rice vinegar, yum!

The following chefs showed us how tofu and vegetables could be so tasty (apart from deep frying it ala Mochachocolata-Rita LOL)

8805. Mun Tahu(Mun Tofu) from Food is Love
Sefa introduced this Indonesian Chinese version of comfort food, which transported my mind straight home to Indonesia

8806. Chinese 5 Spice Baked Tofu from Chow Vegan
Chef Chow came up with this innovative baked tofu dish, a must try!

8807. Fish Fragrant Eggplants from Burnt Mouth
This classic eggplant dish by Zlamushka is bursting with flavors: salty, sweet, sour and spicy all in one!

8808. String Beans and Tofu with Thai Peanut Butter Sauce from Food Blogga
Susan introduced this healthy and flavorful dish! You will love the combination of different textures and when she asked "Do you tofu?" I am sure you'll say you do too! :)

8837. Tofu & Broccoli in Garlic Sauce from The Hungry Fox
The creamy peanut butter, the Sauvignon Blanc and the red pepper flakes made Chef Debbie's tofu dish so special

There are a few different versions of Kung Pao Chicken on our menu, which shows how popular is Kung Pao chicken out there. Funny thing is...either it is not as popular here in Hong Kong or is it just me? Throughout my 6 yr stay in Hong Kong, I have yet encountered a friend/relative/co-worker/stranger ordering Kung Pao Chicken...
Satisfy your craving with our selection of meat dishes below :)

8809. Kung Pao Chicken from A Cat in the Kitchen
Dagmar personalised the dish by combining two different versions of Kung Pao chicken, classic Sichuan and American :)

8810. Twice Cooked Pork from Stuff I Cook for My Husband
Erica brought this rich and tasty dish of lean pork, and I am holding on to her promise to make a version of this one by cooking pork belly in its own fat ;)

8811. Szechuan Chicken with Vegetable from Let's Mess up the Kitchen
Sheila added vegetables to make this spicy chicken dish wholesome

8812. Kung Pao Chicken from The Adventure of My Cooking Diary
This is a tasty dish no man could say no to...including chef Dwiana's husband :)

8813. Pineapple Sesame Chicken from Palachinka
Marija created this sweet, tangy, crispy and nutty goodness! You can never stop after just a bite :)

8813. Stir Fry Chinese Chicken & Veggies from Baking Blondie
Jessy experienced fresh ginger power for the first time (hihihi) while creating this dish...and the chilli flakes added the extra ummppphh!! Psstt...she also created another exciting treat to conclude our meal

8814. Sweet & Sour Belly Pork from Rainbows
Sweet Jasmine added potatoes and used skinned pork belly (means we get to bite into succulent meat pieces without the excess fat) for this popular Chinese sweet and sour dish

8815. Chinese Chicken in Oyster Sauce from Dari Dapur Saya
Simple, tasty, healthy and wholesome is this chicken dish by Elsye. You can't go wrong with oyster sauce and chicken :)

8816. Honey Lemon Chicken from My Kitchen Snippets
The average, bland, oily and MSG laden lemon chicken is everything Gertrude's Honey Lemon Chicken is NOT

8817. Chicken with Lemon Sauce from Greedy Gourmet
Michelle prepared a healthy version of lemon chicken, with a twist (of dry sherry and lime cordial ^_*)

8818. Tamed Kung Pao Chicken from the Cook Mobile
Lalaine tamed the fiery Kung Pao Chicken and added zucchini and water chestnut pieces for the extra crunch :)
In Hong Kong, when we order our seafood from a big restaurant, we always ask this question "This fish you have...they are swimming (i.e. alive/fresh)?" I was baffled by a straight forward answer of a restaurant's waiter: "It used to". We asked further "Where did it come from?" and expected an answer such as Norwegia/Japan/etc...but we got "the market". We asked no further LOL!

8819. Foo Yung Hai from Flower in My Kitchen
Ayin brought me down the memory lane again by bringing another classic Indonesian Chinese dish of Foo Yung Hai (crab meat omelette with tomato sauce)

8820. Stir Fry of Shrimp & Bok Choy with Fermented Black Beans from Once Upon A Feast
For those who has not tried fermented black beans...bite into these juicy, succulent shrimps and experience it

8821. Sweet and Sour Fish from Beachloverkitchen
The use of fish instead of pork is a great alternative. If you're not up to the whole fish with bones, heads and could go for boneless fish fillets instead :)

8822. Buddhist (mock) Shrimp Dim Sum from Feeding Maybelle
This dish is vegetarian friendly and it was perfect for yesterday's Buddha's birthday celebration! Hands down to Maybelle's mom who created the faux shrimp meat

8823. Not So Sizzling Japanese Tofu from More than Words
You will definitely enjoy the crisp and silky soft texture of these tofu dish from Daphne, combined with shrimps, meat and mushrooms to a perfection ;)

8836. Curry Shrimp Ssäm ~ Lettuce Wrap from Taste Memory
A wonderful symphony of Indian and Korean flavors in a bundle! I fell hopelessly in love at first bite (errr...sight?) ^_^'

Some of us might view fried rice and noodles as "side dishes". However, in our daily diet here...they are pretty much the big shot actress/actor in a starring role of the meal :)
Try our dishes below and please be warned that you might be high on rice/noodles afterwards, do not attempt to clear a stage of the latest video game, or you might end up frustrated :p

8824. Pea & Egg Fried Rice from Greedy Gourmet
This gently flavored fried rice would be the ideal pair for any abovementioned dishes

8825. Fried Rice & Fishy Luncheon from Daily Affairs
Singairishgirl's intriguing fish luncheon fried rice is a must try!

8826. Fried Rice with Egg Roll from Little Corner of Mine
A Chinese menu is incomplete without an egg roll/spring roll. Ching brought us just the thing, with her tasty fried rice

8827. Chilli Chicken with Cashew over Scallion Rice from Once Upon A Feast
What's not to like about this dish...the tasty chicken, the nutty cashew, the fragrant scallion rice...everything's to die for!

8828. Singapore Rice Noodles from Notes from My Food Diary
This curry flavored rice noodle dish brought to you by Eliza is one of Hong Kong's most popular Chinese Take-Out dish...which is probably NOT originated from Singapore *_^

8829. House Special Chow Fun from Coconut & Lime
Rachel shared our fear of greasy & vegetable lacking take-outs, and she created this well balanced fried rice noodle dish, with a touch of tiger lily buds

8830. Italian-Style Roast Pork "Lo-Mein" from Champaign Taste
What happens when Lo-Mein go Italian? Yumminess, that's what happened!
Try Lisa's Italianized Lo-Mein! Simply creative!

8831. Egg Noodle with Hoisin Chicken from Mindy's Deli
Mindy cured her longing for Indonesia's tasty Chinese dishes by putting together this fried egg dish. The rich flavor of chicken liver pieces and the dash of white wine made it extra special!

8832. Chicken Chow Mein from Laws of the Kitchen
Cakelaw puts an end to ghostly grey take-out chow mein. She upgraded the standard Australian Chinese restaurant's pale & glutinous chicken chow mein into this vibrant and tasty version!

8833. Indo-China Chow Mein from Mochachocolata-Rita
...and...this is from Indonesianized fried noodles with extra blings of lean pork and shrimps ;)


8834. Sweet Peanut Soup from Gift from the Kitchen
Rita brought us something sweet to conclude our meal, the Chinese influenced Indonesian dessert of Wedang Kacang (sweet peanut soup), served with Chinese fried doughnuts

8835. Fortune Cookies from Baking Blondie
...and...the content of Jess' personalised messages in her homemade fortune cookies will surely crack you up!

The lucky draw winner will be announced.....tomorrow! He-he-he please don't hate me...T_T... or hate me more...that might help with the winning I think *grin*

Dialing 8888-8888...

Is this Golden Snow Chinese Restaurant? I wanna order everything from Set Meal A through to dish number 8835. STAT!...and please get that sizzling hot topless guy to deliver it for me? Oh...he comes with Set Meal F? PERFECT!

Now...let us slip into something more comfortable for the party, shall we? ^_* Opppssss...