Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Come Come Spicy Chicken Hot Pot, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 來來重慶雞煲

Spicy chicken hotpot. The most perfect thing for winter weather. And now it's so "in" everybody's doing it, even MX fast food by Maxim's :)
My colleagues brought me to this Come Come Spicy Chicken Hot Pot place in Causeway Bay, and I fell in love.

First, we started with spicy appetizers. This spicy garlicky pork dish is a major DATE KILLER dish.
 Did you see that little mountain of raw garlic?
You're supposed to eat all of that with the spicy bits and the succulent meat.

OK, it's absolutely yummy, but I really can't stand having raw garlic taste in my mouth the whole night. So always ate this without the raw garlic. My colleague suggested eating peanuts to get rid of the raw garlic flavor. We tried it tonight (with peanut filled M&Ms), and I can conclude that it does NOT work. SC's garlic breath is still killing me, and I plan to let him sleep facing the wall tonight.

The duck gizzard with spicy sauce. I love the spicy bits so much, I kept a small bowl of it as a "dipping sauce" when hot potting.

Of course, you gotta have icy cold beer to go with those spicy treats.


Now the spicy chicken hot pot (medium level of spiciness - it's enough for us, no ass was hurt the next day. Oppps TMI sorry). We need to eat the chicken first, after which they will add broth for hot pot.
The chicken meat's tender and yummy, the soup's really flavorful, we can really taste chu hou flavor in there (hmm... perfect for beef).

We were pretty stubborn and didn't add broth for the longest time so that we can have super strong soup base for hotpot. It gets a bit thick, so it takes longer for things to cook, but absolutely worth it.

We also ordered a non spicy fish hot pot to balance out the fire dragon :)

This may look so innocent but really so chock full of flavors. Super tasty & fantastic to cook veggies and tofu puffs.

We had the usual suspects, sliced beef, beef cubes, etc etc etc...

And emperor veggie, which absorbs flavor like crazy and gives it an extra citrusy flavor. Always love this for hot pot.

We dipped a lot of things that soak up flavors like there's no tomorrow.
This crispy beancurd rolls. Dip, count 3 seconds, consume. The goal is to get flavors into the roll while retaining the crispiness. But I personally love dipping it until it's soft. Oppppps. I'm rebellious like that.

Beancurd sheets. Flavors. Soaked.

Konyaku noodles. Cooked until it took in all the spicy sauce. Oh wow.

- Drink milk after super spicy food to avoid stomach ache the next day.
- Advance reservation highly recommended, especially in winter.
- You are allowed 2 hours, it's more than enough.
- Bring plastic garbage bags to protect your belongings from the spicy hotpot scent - unless you want your everything to smell like spicy chicken pot...

Come Come Spicy Chicken Hot Pot
11/F, Kyoto Plaza, 491-499 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay 
銅鑼灣駱克道 491-499 號京都廣場 11 樓

Tel: +852 2891 9017

We spent about HK$260 per person.