Sunday, August 19, 2007

London, Baby


It really was big, 2 servings of EVERYTHING, but I needed the fuel to hit London's High Street. So I promptly rejected my workmate's idea to share.

Chicken enchilada, my favorite Mexican, somewhere in Kingston

Tourists with a twist? My boss, trying to get Internet connection at dinner, the sombrero was a wifi access point? lol

Why is there NO Nandos in Hong Kong, can someone please please please get the franchise? Mr. Li? Anyone?

Juicy meat, smoky skin, hot, sour, tasty...just could not get enough of these Portuguese chickens! This one's from Frango

Ironically, our London workmates brought us to Cheers (where everybody knows your name). Isn't that an American pub? hehe...I had lots of screaming orgasms there (yep, tat's what the drink's called-SCREAMING ORGASM). I had fun sending the boys to the bar to get this drink (the bartenders are mostly female).

Imagine this: a cute guy saying to you "Can I have two Screaming Orgasms, please?" LOL