Sunday, May 7, 2006

Shanghai Blue

This place is just worth every Rupiah it charges. The food's heavenly, the food presentation's amazing, the atmosphere is exquisite (the decor's a mix of old and new Indonesian & Chinese), the service was excellent (friendly, super polite, proactive, you could feel the sincerity in their smile, the old Indonesian hospitality).

If you were there, facing this giant'd want to order everything in there, just like me (decision...decisions...)

Bir Bintang, the local beer, for our tourist, the beer is notoriously lame. My apologies, even the nationalist in me could not stop myself from saying this

Chocotini for me - go ahead, laugh at me for ordering this girly drink, but it was deliciously chocolatey & creamy

The food selection on the menu is heavily influenced by peranakan (Chinese Indonesian) style. We ordered this fried duck, crispy skin, juicy & tasty meat
Nasi liwet - Rice cooked in coconut milk, with lots of tasty goodies, such as curried vegetables and tofu, fried chicken with crispy coconuts, various crackers, chilli sauce

Shanghai Blue's version of Es Campur (Shaved ice mixed with fermented cassava rice, syrup, fruits, kolang kaling) & if it ofcourse blue.

In Indonesia, it might be considered super pricey, we spent about HK$150 per person, which is still a lot cheaper than most places at HK's Lan Kwai Fong.

Shanghai Blue
79 Kebon Sirih Raya
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel: +62 21 391 8690