Saturday, June 18, 2016

8 Reasons Why SC Is A Cool Dad

Here are 8 reasons why SC is a pretty darn cool dad.

1. He's pretty hands-on with OB
Diaper-changing, bottle feeding, rocking him to sleep, etc etc etc. You name it, he's done it.
He is great at multitasking too.
As you can obviously see in this picture below...
Like Father, Like Son - When Your Father is A Gamer

Baby Marcus Swimming Gear

And those muscles are pretty handy when he needs to carry OB around. Until now.
Indonesian Selendang Batik Baby Carrier

Papa, baby, carrier

2. He shows OB that it's cool to be naughty and silly.
There's nothing wrong with making a fool of yourself.
Baby & Papa Channeling Gangnam Style

And it's ok to be naughty, you just have to make up for it somewhere else and own what you've done.
Baby M's Antics

3. He'll always have OB's back.
Baby Marcus Staring Outside the Window

Baby M in H&M Snoopy Tee
PS. Son, it's ok for dudes to get their toe nails polished.

4. He's OB's first co-conspirator, his partner in crime.
Father & Son conspiracy

Obviously, conspiring against mama. Hmpfh.
boys conspirating against mama

5. He's OB's toughest coach.
Life is tough, son.
So, you gotta be tougher.

6. He shows OB how it's done.
He leads by example.
He didn't mind getting his ass thoroughly kicked in a taekwondo competition; ending up with a broken wrist, because he wanted to show OB that winning doesn't come easy.

Be passionate about what you love.
In whatever you do, give it all you got.
Don't do a half-ass job.
Kenneth bicycle race

7. He teaches OB confidence.
Work hard for what you want, and when you got it, don't be afraid to flaunt it.
Always put your best foot forward.
Or it's probably just mama's excuse to put up this picture. Don't waste mah...
Kenneth six pack abs

Pretty much nothing great in life comes easy.
This is what it takes to get that chiseled figure.

And 200 push ups a day.

Plus, he passes on his good genes to OB.
See? Like father, like son.
Baby & Papa Napping

8. He teaches OB kindness and generosity.
SC is no saint. He's pretty selfish most of the time. But deep down, there's kindness and he's really generous to those he cares about. I'm glad he passes them on to OB.

OB played violin in front of a crowded MTR exit to raise fund for drought victims in Ethiopia. It was so heartwarming to see how others' enthusiasm in supporting what he's doing. All credits went to SC who orchestrated this and encouraged OB to do it. SC taught OB that there's more to life than toys and if we could use our abilities to help others, we should.

Babi, you're our superhero (when you're not annoying).

Marcus OB and Papa birthday Photoshoot

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Syut 談風:vs:再說 January 2016 Menu

SYUT January 2016 Specials
A wonderful little place hidden in Ngau Tau Kok's industrial area. It's within 10 minutes walk from my office and we've been to this place so many times, it's not even funny. Whenever we have visitors from our other offices, we bring them here. Birthdays or special occasions, this place would always be one of the choices. Other than my colleagues and I, this place is mostly full of young, good looking and super chic people. Opppps. Sorry, colleagues.

We love the decor of the place, the open kitchen, and some of the chefs have long hair, man bun, and/or facial hair. I am very very partial to those things. Ahem.

OK, moving on to the food... they change the menu every month. It is best to visit this place at the beginning of the month, as at the end of the month they are often out of some ingredients from their monthly menu.

We've tried these from their January specials.
SYUT January 2016 Specials
One of us is vegetarian, and we're happy that they always have at least one vegetarian option. This is the rocket pesto pasta. It comes with 64 degree egg (my colleague doesn't eat egg, so we requested without), shimeji mushrooms, and roasted onion. The flavors are a tad too subtle for my colleague, but after a dash of Tabasco and a few sprinkles of grated Parmesan, it's all good.

SYUT January 2016 Specials
One of us picked the stout pasta from the January specials - it comes with pumpkin sauce, roast onion, and check out that strings of cheese...

SYUT January 2016 Specials
We also tried the chicken - with lemongrass coconut cream, lime gel and black garlic puree. The lime gel is the highlight that brightens up the dish, and of course... them crispy paper-thin fried chicken skin!

SYUT January 2016 Specials
DAT PLATE! Syut plates things so beautifully, it's crazy! This is the sauteed squid - with sea urchin white wine sauce, ink gnocchi and daikon slices. Very delicate flavors (a tad too delicate) with interesting combination of different textures. It looked and sounded much better than it tastes, unfortunately.

SYUT January 2016 Specials
My favorite from this month's menu, the mackerel - with black olive polenta cake, chorizo, basil oil, green olive and dried tomatoes. Bold and bright flavors. The polenta cakes are crispy outside and piping hot inside, the chorizo slices are so crispy, the fish perfectly cooked, and the tomatoes brought everything together. Absolutely delicious and so beautiful to look at. I licked my plate clean.

SYUT January 2016 Specials
The pine tree ice cream dessert is so good! Served with homemade dried fruits toast and peanut butter jelly. Those green strands are all edible. Very refreshing!

SYUT January 2016 Specials
The chocolate financiers with bergamot sorbet, chocolate jelly, chocolate "chips" and popping candy. That's no financier, it's more like a (very good) molten chocolate cake, with more chocolate served in different textures and balanced out with very tangy bergamot sorbet. We really really likey!

Price: about HKD150 per person.
Lunch sets include bread, coffee or tea, or 50% special drinks (their mixed berries soda or mint ginger soda are very nice).

SYUT  談風:vs:再說 
Shop No.B, 10/F, Gee Luen Factory Building
316-318 Kwun Tong Road, Ngau Tau Kok.
Ngau Tau Kok MTR Exit B6
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 2415 4999

For their updated menu, check Syut's Facebook Page.

Monday, January 11, 2016

MISSHA & OliveYoung Korean Sheet Masks

A fine Sunday afternoon after we went for an intense session of strawberry picking and shopping...
face mask missha oliveyoung 2
SC got these Korean face mask sheets from his colleagues and he wanted to get our little family to play with them. Of course OB very gladly obliged heheheh.

face mask 1
He promptly took a bath with dad in record speed, combed his hair nicely (ahem, because photos!) and placed himself on the bed for dad to help him with the mask. He wanted to be Shrek (don't ask...), so dad let him try OliveYoung x Dreamworks Shrek Hydrogel Mask.

face mask 3
We're pretty sure he didn't need the face mask...but we let him have fun with it for a while. He was really excited, he barely moved. That's a rare occasion for an active 5 year old boy. Heheheh.

face mask 4
SC picked MISSHA's animal mask - tiger.

face mask daddy and son 6
OB's mask barely fit his tiny face. Heheheh.

face mask family 5
Mama picked MISSHA's animal mask panda!
After the mask, our skin felt thoroughly moisturized, and in my case, my skin went lighter (WHAT exactly did they put in the panda mask??). After playing with the face masks we all had a very good Sunday nap. Heheheh.

So what did you do last weekend?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sunday Spanish Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong
Thank you for having our little family over for brunch, Alibi! We had a great time, which you can see from OB's chocolate smeared face.

It's a semi buffet brunch. The buffet serves a great variety of food. We like!

First, charcuterie and cheese.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Ahem, carbs.... which I can eat on weekends. Thank God.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Of course, OB had to do the lightsaber pose with the bread stick...
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong
He enjoyed the charcuterie very much.

We had lotss of oysters.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

So many things to choose from, we almost did not have space to try everything.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Seafood paella.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Cheesy toastie sandwiches. Yum!
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Slow roasted suckling pig.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Crab claw!
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

And my favorite, crispy Spanish anchovies!
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

You can choose to have free flow make-your-own sangria and fruit punch.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Or choose to have free flow champagne.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong
Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut. I am not really a champagne person, but I do enjoy a bit from time to time ;)

We had a sweet OB & papa moment.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Nom nom nom.

Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong
OB munching on crispy anchovies.

We ordered 2 main courses. Grilled USDA rib eye served with salsa verde.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong
Nicely cooked, we like!

And roasted French spring chicken served with polenta fries (love!), broccolini, port and pepper jus.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

After that. Cheesy time!
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

And then the sweets.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Dulce de leche cheesecake.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Crema Catalana.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

Apple Frangipane tart.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

And of course, churros!
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong

And this was bound to happen.
Sunday Brunch at Alibi, Cordis Hong Kong
Who wants chocolate hugs and kisses from OB? Hehehe

The brunch is available every Sunday from 11:30 am - 2:30 pm.
-        $358 per adult with free-flowing sangria and fruit punch
-        $238 per child with free flowing fruit punch
-         Free-flowing Perrier-Jouët Champagne for an extra $200.
Plus 10% service charge.

5/F Cordis Hong Kong at Langham Place.
555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok.
(Mongkok MTR exit C)


For booking:
Tel: +852 3552 3028