Monday, January 11, 2016

MISSHA & OliveYoung Korean Sheet Masks

A fine Sunday afternoon after we went for an intense session of strawberry picking and shopping...
face mask missha oliveyoung 2
SC got these Korean face mask sheets from his colleagues and he wanted to get our little family to play with them. Of course OB very gladly obliged heheheh.

face mask 1
He promptly took a bath with dad in record speed, combed his hair nicely (ahem, because photos!) and placed himself on the bed for dad to help him with the mask. He wanted to be Shrek (don't ask...), so dad let him try OliveYoung x Dreamworks Shrek Hydrogel Mask.

face mask 3
We're pretty sure he didn't need the face mask...but we let him have fun with it for a while. He was really excited, he barely moved. That's a rare occasion for an active 5 year old boy. Heheheh.

face mask 4
SC picked MISSHA's animal mask - tiger.

face mask daddy and son 6
OB's mask barely fit his tiny face. Heheheh.

face mask family 5
Mama picked MISSHA's animal mask panda!
After the mask, our skin felt thoroughly moisturized, and in my case, my skin went lighter (WHAT exactly did they put in the panda mask??). After playing with the face masks we all had a very good Sunday nap. Heheheh.

So what did you do last weekend?

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