Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dinner at Kee Club - Delish Red Prawn Linguine

SC and I had a nice dinner date at Kee Club (thanks for inviting us, Kee Club!), and the dinner started with this dish.
Very simple, fresh. Classic Italian flavors.
And we had a chance to taste this rare olive oil, Chef Roland Schuller personally brought the bottle to most tables to taste. A nice personal touch!
I had the night's special as starter - the langoustine! Fresh, nicely cooked, well seasoned. I enjoyed it.
SC had the fresh quail. Served with ham, zucchini flower, ricotta and melon soup. The quail's nicely cooked. Personally, I'd prefer the dish to have not as many elements, to let the quail shine :)

Our favorite dish of the night. Kee Club's famous linguine with red prawn. We love it!
Perfectly cooked pasta, fresh red prawn, tasty sauce.
SC could not hold back and went rather barbaric during dinner. Hehehe. We'll definitely go back for this dish again.
I had the veal milanese as my main. the meat's nice and tender but the portion is way too big for me.

SC had the Pluma Iberico. The meat's nicely cooked and I enjoyed the creamy and smooth mash.
For dessert, I had the apple tart with vanilla ice cream.
SC had the chocolate fondant with mango sorbet.
And this is the ending to our meal :)
Thanks again for dinner, Kee Club.

Kee Club is an exclusive member's club. 
To dine there, there are a few ways: be a member, or get a member to help you with booking, or book through 5-star hotel concierge (Four Seasons, Mandarin, Shangri-La, the Peninsula, Upper House), and American Express Black Centurion Cardholders can access Kee through the concierge. 
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