Friday, December 28, 2007

Allez Allez

I was brought to this private French place, Allez Allez, hidden in Tsim Sha Tsui district. So private, they didn't give you the address, but pick you up from the nearest convenient store instead. The decor was trying desperately to be French/European, I appreciated the effort, but for their prices, I strongly recommend them to hire a stylist.

Food was good though, started off with warm, crunchy outside but soft inside bread, with walnut & salsa dip.

Followed by pan fried duck liver in red wine sauce, which was rich & creamy

Seafood bisque, a tad to salty

The lamb with rosemary & mint sauce was so so, nothing we haven't tasted before

The beef steak was exquisite, tasty, tender and juicy. The roasted asparagus made a great accessory, either that or I had way too much red wine lol

It was the wrong season for strawberries, but they did it anyway, we ended up with this sour dessert. Yes, we didn't have a choice, they only offer one fix dinner course at a time

The cherub-laden namecard. Cute idea, but they could use (A LOT OF) improvements, both on the athmosphere & the food.

By the way, we were in a private room, charged a hefty amount, and we had to listen to the same darn song again & again & again for the whole 2+ hour course, the song kept playing on our minds long after, not in a good way