Monday, December 31, 2012

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sunday Roast at St Betty, IFC, Central, Hong Kong

St Betty Sunday Roast, Central, Hong Kong
Look at that scrumptious spread! Went to try St Betty's famous Sunday Roast with a couple of friends including blogger Gastronomous Anonymous. Since we're crazy big eater, we were wondering if the Sunday Roast set's gonna be enough for us. We were assured that it'd be enough (look at the above scrumptious spread!), but since we're greedy bastards, we ordered more anyway.
Portion control has always been our problem.

We also ordered the ox heart tomato with pesto, dried black olives with 8 year old balsamic vinegar.
St Betty Sunday Roast, Central, Hong Kong
It's hilarious how we've overlooked the word "tomato" since we had our eyes fixed on the words "ox heart". We were totally shocked and couldn't believe what we saw when the tomato salad arrived. Our bad! Fortunately, it looked amazing and tasted fantastic. Phew!

We ordered this sweetcorn fritters with ricotta, corn salsa and morteau sausage  for baby Marcus, who is now no longer a baby, he's now a cute two year old with a healthy appetite.
St Betty Sunday Roast, Central, Hong Kong
We thought we could feed him a bit of this and share the rest, but unexpectedly, Marcus could pretty much finish the whole plate and we only got to try one tiny bite each. It's absolutely delicious!

The Sunday Roast's SUPER YUMMY! I especially LOVE the roast beef, yorkshire pudding, and the Chinese cabbage confit with Japanese bacon. Perfectly cooked beef, fluffy yorkshire pudding, and tasty veggie with bacon! I adore! Plus horseradish cream? I pretty much slathered everything with that.
St Betty Sunday Roast, Central, Hong Kong
The set also came with roast potatoes and crushed root veggies. I don't mind them, but I'd rather concentrate of my favorites :D

We almost ordered extra desserts, but luckily our server reminded us that the Sunday Roast includes this yummy rhubarb crumble.
St Betty Sunday Roast, Central, Hong Kong
SC helped me with that money shot :D

Buttery deliciousness! Not too sweet, but sufficiently rich & satisfying. I like!
St Betty Sunday Roast, Central, Hong Kong

SC & Marcus had fun enjoying the crumble too!
St Betty Sunday Roast, Central, Hong Kong
Everybody were stuffed to the brim, but we (I) managed to finish most of the beef. Heheheh.

The meal's a tad pricey (HK$440 per person but that's because we were so greedy & ordered lots) but I do love their beef. Hmmm beef. I crave some right now.

Check out Gastronomous Anonymous review here.
The rest of the photos will be uploaded to my Facebook Page.

St Betty
Shop 2075, Podium Level 2
IFC Mall, Central
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2979 2100

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pandan French Toast - Ugly Delicious

Pandan French Toasts
The color might be lurid green and scary, but I can assure you that it's very yummy!

Bread soaked in mixture of egg, melted butter, coconut cream, sugar & pandan essence. It's a no brainer, really! Must be yum! I will definitely use coconut cream more often when making french toasts. It gives me that much needed kick-in-the-gut richness.
Pandan French Toasts
- bread of your choice (I used 1 small mixed grain bun, sliced to 1 cm thick slices)
- 2 tsp sugar
- 5 tbsp coconut cream
- 3 tbsp butter (salted), melted
- a pinch of salt
- 1 egg, beaten
- a few drops of pandan essence (add bit by bit, I added half a teaspoon)
- some more butter mixed with vegetable oil for frying

Melt butter, let cool for a bit while preparing other ingredients. Mix sugar, salt, coconut cream, pandan essence and melted butter in a bowl, soak bread pieces in the mixture and let them "marinate" in fridge for a couple of hours. Before serving, heat up some butter mixed with a bit of vegetable oil to prevent from burning, pan fry bread pieces until golden.

Pandan French Toasts
Rich, fragrant, sweet, and fluffffffy! I really adore the scent and creaminess of coconut milk in these babies.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Peas and Bacon Crumble

Peas & Bacon Crumble
I've been crumble-topping everything eh? I can't help it! It's super easy, it makes everything tasty... and pretty too! I love it.

Peas & Bacon Crumble
- 2 heaping tablespoon of all purpose flour
- 1 tablespoon of butter
- 1 tsp of grated parmesan
- a bit of sugar, black pepper, nutmeg, grated lemon zest
- 1 small bowl of green peas
- 2 strips of bacon, cut into chunks

In a frying pan, render bacon fat, add peas, mix well and pour into vessel (I chose sturdy paper muffin cups, you can use cute small ramekins). Preheat oven to 200C. Using hands, mix flour, butter, grated parmesan, a bit of sugar, black pepper, nutmeg and grated lemon zest - never mind the chunks. Add on top of the peas and bacon, dump into oven until the top's golden brown.

Peas & Bacon Crumble
Yum! Great as a side dish or snack or party food!