Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Favorite Buffet in Hong Kong

This is my go-to place for buffet. 

It's the Place - it's in Langham Place Hotel, a lovely hotel right in the heart of... wait for it... MONGKOK. 
Hello Langham Place, Argyle Centre phase I and II, Sino Plaza, GAP, HnM, Monki, Cotton On... all my places of worship. 
Ahem #shopaholic.

When my sis is in town, or when I have a weekday off to have a nice shopaholic day with girlfriends and we're in the mood to ruin our diets, or when SC and I have a special occasion to celebrate & eat our faces off but we don't wanna spend more than 1k per person, this is the perfect place. It was even more awesome before OB turned 3, as he got to stuff himself with desserts for free. Heheheh.

I love their variety of food.
First of all, hello, seafood.

Hello, fresh oysters.
Say a quick "Hi!" to the matcha fountain, we'll get back to him later.
Sushi and sashimi station. Oh, by the way, they're having a Japanese Special until 30 September 2015.
My darling seasoned carbohydrate, you're in trouble. The low carb diet is OFF tonight.
I ordered a sea urchin hand roll, and it's filled down to the bottom with sweet, silky, creamy UNI!
Oh, and to OB's absolute delight, every night at 8:00 pm, their Japanese Chef de Cuisine Manabu Oikawa does a salmon carving show.
Time for some salad.
And by "salad", I meant...
a little bit of greens with lots of smoked salmon and dressings... and bacon bits.

Time to hit the hot food station.
Nice decor eh? They just redecorated, feels a lot more young and modern now. 
Let's hit the Chinese food station.
Don't skip the double boiled soup. It comes from Ming Court, absolutely delicious.
And don't miss their roast meat. Again, from Ming Court.
The international food station has wagyu beef chunks, kurobuta pork chops, seafood paella, Indian curries. So many choices, so little stomach space!
Oh, I spotted many kids that night. The place is child friendly, it has nice high chairs, provide kids utensils and the staff are lovely with the kids.
Here's my little dude learning how to peel prawns by himself.
Next, be still my heart.
SC kept telling me that these are worth many many dance classes...
But I couldn't help but have a couple of these babies.
And before we move on to desserts...say cheese!
Obviously, my boys won't wait for me eating and photographing my food.
Mama, what took you so long??
My, oh my! No wonder they didn't wanna wait for me.
I kept saying that I am not a dessert person. 
But I really love ending my meals with something sweet.
Everybody loves watching baked Alaska getting lit up.

Black sesame cheesecake! I love it.
If I ever had to look for OB, he must be somewhere around this Movenpick land.
Ah ha! There he is. His idea of gourmet dessert. It involves gummy bears.
My happy ending. ALL CHOCOLATE, come to mama!
Pretty cool selection of drinks (not incl in the buffet price). OB love the sweet apple juice (ooops, not pictured here)
Now I need to go shopping to burn off the calories.
So worth it tho.

Friday night family date! ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you for inviting us, Langham Place Hotel.
We had a great time and we'll be back!
More pics in my Flickr album.

The Place 
Langham Place Hotel, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Ground Floor
Mongkok MTR exit C3.

Lunch (weekday lunch = amazing value!)
12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Monday – Friday:
Adults: HK$288 ; Kids/Seniors: HK$218
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 
Adults: HK$358; Kids/Seniors: HK$258

Sunday – Thursday and Public Holidays:
Adults: HK$588; Kids/Seniors: HK$388
Friday, Saturday and Public Holiday Eves: 
Adults: HK$628; Kids/Seniors: HK$428
(plus 10% tax)

Bookings may be made at (852) 3552 3028 
or via email (yay to email bookings!)

More information about Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong click here.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Lovely Summer Staycation at Silvermine Beach Resort Hotel, Mui Wo, Hong Kong

The last time we visited Mui Wo, we thought of booking in Silvermine Beach Resort Hotel in summer... and we finally did it! We booked it via Agoda just a week in advance, and we had a fabulous family time there last week!

We took the 12:30pm ferry to Mui Wo from Central Ferry Pier. The ferry ride was really enjoyable. Mommy had a lot of fun with OB while papa's busy playing games on his mobile phone. Pffffft.

The view's awesome, and OB pointed out that ICC is a tall rectangular shape while IFC has a rounded top (these things are really important to him hehehe). I promised to show him the pointy triangular BOC next time.

We had a simple lunch in a random charchanteng at the Mui Wo cooked food market.

We didn't choose the outdoor seats as it's super hottttt.

After lunch and the 10 minutes walk to the hotel, it's just the right time to check in.

We love the huge bed! The room is clean, lovely, and spacious enough for the three of us.

We picked the cheapest room with hill view, the price difference for a room with sea view is about HKD500.

Bathroom is clean with all necessary toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, comb, hair dryer, towels), but without a bath tub. We're fine with it as we spent most of the time at the beach and in the pools.

The hotel has a lovely garden, and of course SC and OB HAD to do THIS.

Silver Mine Bay beach is just right in front of the hotel. The part where you can swim is about 3 minutes walk away. The beach is absolutely lovely! The sand isn't as fine as Shek O beach, but it doesn't have as many sharp shells as Golden beach ^_^

The beach in Mui Wo is so full of life! I've never caught live clams in my life and was in awe so see how clams move in the sand. We put all these beautiful clams back into the sea, we had no plans to eat them. Many people caught huge clams and ate them though. Oh well, maybe next time.

What's better after the beach than jumping into the pool?
The hotel has a 50cm deep pool. Perfect for OB.

And thank God for waterproof bag for my phone. Wefie time!
A special shout out to my waterproof eyeliner. It does not smudge at all even after the beach and the pool, and I did submerge my head under water A LOT.
WOW. The brand is LB, costs HKD69 each and I bought it from Sasa.

After a quick shower... we got hungry.
We considered doing a HK style BBQ, but it was just too hot and we were too tired to get BBQ supplies and do our own grilling. Finally we settled for BBQ buffet at the hotel.

Before dinner...
...a lovely encounter with Lantau "local residents"
What a perfect holiday!

The buffet...

Nice selection of appetizer. There's duck liver pate, smoked salmon, salad and seafood station.

As long as there are some melons, decent chocolate cake, some cheesecake and a cocktail of canned lychee with longan and nata de coco, AND ICE CREAM... we - and by "we" I meant OB, decided that it was a fantastic idea to go ahead with the buffet.

Si fu busy grilling the suckling pig.

Huge steamed garoupa.

A nice variety of cooked food. I love the pork ribs.

The BBQ station is at the porch, so the dining room doesn't get stuffy and smoky.

BBQ suckling pig and chicken wings.

After dinner, we had a relaxing walk to the pier to get groceries.
The only missing thing from this trip is SHOPPING.
But mom could live with a weekend without shopping la...

Lovely beach magic hour view.

Back from our walk, SC decided that we must check out the fitness centre.
Yikes. Who goes to the gym on holidays??
SC did his weight lifting, OB bounced around with exercise ball, and I had a great time lounging in these nice rattan chairs watching TV in air conditioned room. Perfect.

And it's a tradition, OB must get hungry at night during holidays.
So we prepared a cup noodles for him.

Next morning...

We went for breakfast at 8. Early birds get the fattest worms, right?
That - and we also wanted to go to the beach and the pools again before checking out.
We requested for a late check out and they let us check out by 1 pm.
Not bad.

At breakfast, they serve ham & cheese, chicken franks, meat patties, hash browns, buns with butter and jam, congee, char siu and custard baos, sticky rice, juices, coffee and tea.

After breakfast, we were ready to hit the beach again.

A completely different view from the afternoon. I felt like we weren't in Hong Kong at all.

This time, the boys decided to catch some fish...

We got quite a few! We had fun looking at them before throwing them back into the sea.

Look what I got! I think it just died, it still looked really shiny and sparkly.

Another pool time...

Too much fun.

There are free mosquito repellent rubber bracelet at the reception of the hotel for guests to grab.
I really love this little but very thoughtful gesture.

Time to go home.
Mom's exhausted from packing.
We stopped by at the Italian restaurant in the Mui Wo Cooked Food Market.

The soup didn't look like much but it's really tasty!

We had to order carbonara to feed our little carbonara monster...

A nice Caesar salad is always welcome.

And whenever I see lasagna on the menu, I couldn't help but ordering it.
It was lovely.
We were all in a food coma, and ready to sleep in our bus ride home.

Check out our shell loot from the trip!

We got little crab shell too!

OB & mama had fun pimping our shells.

You like?

The costs:
Hotel room: HKD1,180 per night (I booked via Agoda).
Breakfast included for 2 adult - we had to pay HKD70 additional for OB.
BBQ dinner buffet costs HKD804 for the three of us - that includes the 20% off for hotel guests.
Lunch at the market: HKD160.
Lunch at the Italian restaurant: HKD279.

How to get there?
By ferry from Central Ferry Pier no 6.
Take the 3M bus from Tung Chung MTR.

What else can you do in Mui Wo other than the beach?
There's a lovely village, cultural centre, a cave and a waterfall - you can rent bikes too.
Check out our trip last spring.