Sunday, June 25, 2006

Four Big Eaters Invaded Taipei

Our team of four big eaters really stuffed ourselves silly in Taipei. Check out the amount of food we "sampled" in 3 days 2 nights.

Beef noodles with dumplings

Right after the noodles, we passed by this beef bun vendor, and we still tried some!

Juicy juicy juicy!

How lucky we were to find this, just beside our hotel:

The famous xiao long bao (shanghaiese dumplings) shop

Roasted Caramelized Sweet Potatoes

The colorful fruit stalls at Xi Men Ding District

Asian crepes

A mountain of roasted goodies

Different kinds of potato chips

Ma lak hot pot

Shi Lin Night Market

Crepes with savoury ice creams and shaved caramel nuts

Lime Juice

Big Big Fried big?

Bigggg...bigger than my face

Decisions, decisions...

Peanut Frappe

Jason's market at Taipei 101

Black squid garlic bread

Taipei street food

Ice monster

Fresh mangoes and ice cream on shaved ice, perfect for that hottt summer day

After this plate of sweet potatoes, we were so ready to go to bed before noon haha

Loveee the packaging of the drinks...I just wanted to buy them all!

Watermelon milk...what a refreshing way to get my calcium

Ain't it sweet?

We were upgraded to business class for the super short 1 hr flight, and we had funnn!!! Look at the fancy in-flight meal hehe