Monday, March 25, 2013

Cutest Farmer Ever at Produce Green Foundation Hong Kong

Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong
We had an awesome experience visiting Produce Green Foundation last weekend. The place is beautiful, full of wild flowers, fresh produce, gorgeous butterflies everywhere, and did you notice that goat in the background?

Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong
First, we learnt how to plant lettuce. Missy taught us this awesome "Miss Hong Kong" pose, the most optimum pose to work the field. It was hilarious...

And here's the cutest farmer ever...
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong
Clearly, following instructions isn't his thang :D

Voted most vain farmer ever...
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong
...of course it's SC.

After that, we learnt how to make recycled paper.
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong
Our paper has holes here and there, but SC did it. It's pretty easy and cool. I'll make something out of the paper he made.

We brought our own lunch. We all brought different things and shared the food.
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong
Most popular item, fastest to finish... those yellow fish siu mais.
Nothing tasted yummier after farming.

Some of our colleagues are really hard core.
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong
They brought camping gas stove and made instant noodles, fried eggs... amazing!

After lunch, we learnt how to make organic whole wheat bread.
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong
Baby M did a good job stirring the empty bowl. Heheeheh

Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong
SC posing with someone else' bread ^_^'
The most vain pretend bread maker ever...

While waiting for our bread to be baked, we had a tour around the place.
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong
Beautiful swiss chard...

Gorgeous tomatoes.
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong

We had no idea broccoli looks like this...
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong

And those slimey green veggie that we hate has such lovely purple flowers...
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong

Or how beautiful radicchio is...
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong

And I wouldn't mind being given a bouquet of fennel on Valentine's day... how pretty!
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong

We also learnt about natural fertilizers and methods to drive away nasty pests.
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong

And finally, our bread's ready to be devoured. Yum yum. Unexpectedly decent!
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong

We had lots of fun!
Produce Green Foundation - Hong Kong
Some tips:
- They don't sell food/drink, so bring your own - bring lots of drinks
- You can't spray mosquito repellent there. Spray prior to entering the place, or use stickers
- Wear light colored long sleeve tees and long pants and comfy shoes
- Wear hat and sunglasses on sunny days
- Other than that, enjoy!

For more info and how to go there, visit Produce Green Foundation's website.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Fun - Strawberry Picking, Kam Tin Country Park Hong Kong

Need something fun to do this weekend? Try strawberry picking! We went a couple of weeks ago and it's awesome! 

Tip #1: Go early, or all the huge red ones would have been picked up by the early birds.
French strawberries cost HK$60 per lb, Korean ones HK$90/lb. Most people picked Korean ones, including us. I don't know why... for me, well because I am a K-pop fan. Heheheh. I know, I know, irrelevant.

Tip #2: Whatever you do, DO NOT do this!!!
For each strawberry you ate on the field, you'll be fined HK$100. I repeat, HK$100 per piece of strawberry eaten. Marcus just could not hold himself... he grabbed one big red juicy one and put it straight into his mouth... without washing T_T

Tip #3: Strawberry picking is only available until late March. Better check with them before going.

Pretty strawberries in colors I've never seen on a strawberries before....
Very pretty!

And cute strawberry flowers...

Here's our loot...

Exactly 1 pound of juicy & fragrant strawberries.

You can also buy fresh local organic produce there.

You can go for a BBQ or have lunch there. We noticed that many people brought their own lunch, which is clever. Marcus scored a few skewers of pineapple and sausages from fellow strawberry-pickers at our table.
And of course, he ate his sausages in style.

There are lots of activites for kids there, like cookie baking (HK$80).

We just did cookie decorating (HK$30)
Sweet KODAK moment... what did they make?


There are also some balloon type of playground which Marcus loves very very much (HK$20/10 minutes).

He loved it so much, he refused to leave and cried like heck when we dragged him out of it.

We took this fun ride for HK$40 per round. Oh yeah, everything costs money.

And after a bunch of activities, fishballs, fish siumai & Vita chrysanthemum tea never tasted so good...

There are many more activities which we didn't get to try. 
Check out their website for more info (it is in Chinese, but you can use google translate & see the pictures).
How to get there?
Take MTR West Rail to Kam Sheung Rd Station, and take a short taxi ride to Kam Tin Country Park 錦田鄉村俱樂部
Opening hours: 10am - 6pm
Tel: +852 2442 0909


Monday, March 4, 2013

Yummy Food Sights from Bangkok

Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights
What I love the most about going on a business trip to Bangkok is, I get to eat like my local colleagues. Throughout the trip, I've ordered an obscene amount of servings of fried rice noodles. I ordered it whenever I had a chance, it is ridiculous. This particular one has pork sausages in it. Oh my, I adore pork sausages! And with stretchy and smooth and garlicky fried rice noodles, I love even more!

Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights
I have a thing for bottles... sad didn't bring this one home.

Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights
Oh... you must've noticed that I also have a thing for tasty pork...

Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights
Crispy, juicy, tasty chunks of pork... served with sticky rice.
Nuff said.

Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights
Refreshing longan drink. Perfect for hot days in Bangkok.

Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights
My colleagues brought me to Bangkok's flower market. Beautiful flower arrangements everywhere!

Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights
Yummy food at every street corner...

The lively Chinatown.
Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights

I wanted to try everything.
Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights

Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights
So pretty!

Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights
Very yummy kwee cap. Rice noodles with roast pork, pork meat & organs in tasty broth, served with vinegary hot chilli sauce. Perfect.

Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights
Soft buns with butter & sweet chilli sauce.

Beautiful Bangkok Food Sights
That's right! Butter toasted bread served with  more butter and sweet chilli sauce!!!
So yummy!

Can't wait for my next trip to Bangkok.