Monday, April 30, 2012

Yummiest Things I Had in Cote d'Ivoire

I didn't expect anything when I traveled to Ivory Coast. Some of my colleagues told me some horror stories and recommended me to pack some food. And no, not cup noodles, because the hotel we stay in might not have a kettle. Yikes! I packed a bunch of soyjoy bars, cookies and nuts, thinking that I would be totally miserable, but it would be nice to lose a couple of pounds out of this trip. Silver lining is all I see :)

 Little did I know... that Ivory Coast, being so French influenced, is so full of delicious treats! Every day, I had buttery and flaky pastries during breakfast (if you followed me on instagram or liked my Facebook page, you've probably seen my breakfast photo reportage ^_^)

Now, here's one memorable short food adventure my colleagues and I had, courtesy of our very lovely and hospitable local customers, in-between working like mad preparing for a successful event. Yummy Ivory Coast
Hard boiled eggs. I am not a big fan, but...

...with this sprinkle of yummy spices, I fell in love!
Yummy Ivory Coast

Wait a minute. These little nuggets look familiar...
Yummy Ivory Coast

They are Vietnamese spring rolls and they are so popular in Ivory Coast! WOW!
Yummy Ivory Coast

Next, we sat down and had our late lunch alfresco.
Yummy Ivory Coast
The weather was beautiful! We were elated to be dining on the street!

I tried Orangina.
Yummy Ivory Coast
And I LOVE this fizzy orange juice!

We tried this yummy coconut chips.
Yummy Ivory Coast

And these fluffy and crispy shrimp fritters.
Yummy Ivory Coast

And say hello to the best sandwich I've ever had!
Yummy Ivory Coast - Grilled Beef Sandwich
The generous bits of grilled beef were so beefy, tender, juicy and so charcoal smoky... none of us could say anything but!
Did you notice how my local customers got used to me taking pictures of my food? At first they went "Ahhh Rrrrrittaaaa... Riiiittaaa!!! You and your photos!" but after a while, they helped opening this sandwich up for my photographic benefits ^_^
I can't thank you enough!!!

Yummy Ivory Coast
Look at how they wrapped the sandwich in recycled paper!

Ivory Coast, you are delicious!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mushroom Omelette with Black Truffle Pate

Mushroom Omelette with Black Truffle
OMG! It's been so long!
Lots have been going on in my life... a new job, a new flat, business trips, etc etc etc...I am overwhelmed!
And naturally, I've been eating a lot of carbs, dumping my diet aside, which is a bit sad since it was going so well :(

Anyway, looking at my old low carb pictures, I am inspired to start again, and I'd like share this one with you. It's meatless but very tasty and satisfying with a touch of luxe ;)

- 1 egg, beaten
- half a cup of button mushrooms, sliced
- a tsp of black truffle pate
- butter, salt, pepper

Melt butter in a non stick frying pan, saute mushrooms, season with salt and pepper, pour beaten egg, cook for a bit (do not overcook), flip, serve and add black truffle pate on top.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Holiday Breakfast Indulgence

Chocolate Cake, Cream Cheese, Passion Fruit Jam, Peanut butter Breakfast
Chocolate cake for breakfast. So un-me, but so delish!

Chocolate Cake, Cream Cheese, Passion Fruit Jam, Peanut butter Breakfast
It all started when I bought a bag of super soft and chocolatey chocolate cake from A1 Bakery for baby M, and he cringed at the sight of chocolate cake (weird!!!) and refused to even try it (double weird!!!). But he adoresss eating just chocolate (triple weird).

Anyway... so we ended up with this chunk of temptation, and finally caved and had it for breakfast.
Chocolate Cake, Cream Cheese, Passion Fruit Jam, Peanut butter Breakfast
I added touches of savories, one's peanut butter and the other is cream cheese with passion fruit jam.

I had mine with coffee and SC devoured this with milk x yakult (weird?), with his bedhead (censored) and iPad on his lap (we no longer have human interaction on dining table since... iPhone and iPad). was your Easter holiday, guys?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sweet Savory Breakfast Sandwich - Croissant with Candied Kumquats and Cream Cheese

Breakfast - Croissant with Candied KumQuat & Cream Cheese
I received a jar of candied kumquats from my awesome foodie friend, Mr. W. He told me "Use it as you would marmalade"...and here's how I used it. I love a combo of sweet and salty, thus the buttery croissant and the creamy savory cream cheese with the candied kumquats. I love love loveeee!

It makes an amazing holiday breakfast!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

YUMMY Eats from Bangkok

I haven't been cooking much.
I just got back from a business trip to Bangkok...and I surely blew my diet, but it's totally worth it (no point dieting when on trip right? Everything I ate in Bangkok = ZERO calorie?)

So, here are some links of the absolute deliciousness I had in Bangkok. I didn't do much research on where I should go, etc. I submitted myself thoroughly under the tender loving care of my local coworkers who are all awesome!

Hugest, sweetest, springiest prawns with charcoal smoky goodness!
Ob Aroi Seafood Bangkok

Yummiest mango sticky rice ever!
Ob Aroi Seafood Bangkok
These are from Ob Aroi seafood restaurant, more pics and info here.

Here's Greyhound Cafe's (I went to the one in Central Chidlom) new chocolate and salted caramel cake...
Greyhound Cafe Central Chidlom Bangkok
I adore their crab and corn fritters too!
More pics and info here.

Unbelievably yummy grilled pork, served with rice, refreshing broth, spicy sour chilli sauce and fragrant herbs.
TOT Canteen Bangkok
I also had a huge bowl of tomyum goong, which was not red at all.
More pics and info here.

It was also my first time trying home-cooked Sri Lankan food from the only Sri Lankan eatery in Bangkok. This Chinese-Lanka shrimp dish is out of this world! My favorite from the night, along with coconut sambal and hoppers. Adore!
Manel Lanka Restaurant Bangkok
More info and pics here.

If you visit Bangkok, give them a try na~!