Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy Yumcha at Choi Lung Restaurant, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong - 彩龍茶樓, 荃灣

If you want to enjoy dim sum outside the usual stuffy Hong Kong restaurants, this is quite a cool alternative.

You have to self serve, get your own bowls, utensils, tea, find your own tea, grab your own food. I kinda like the experience. We ate in the open area (but with roof), the place was full with weekend hikers and pets. We enjoyed the change of scenery.

I especially enjoyed the fried noodles as it has a bit of sweetness that reminds me of Indonesian fried noodles. We heard that the watercress is famous. We had a serving and loved it. Being a total airhead, of course I forgot to take a picture of it :)

The rest of the dishes are fine, but they get cold really fast since it's one of the colder days of Hong Kong winter.

More than the food, I'd totally visit this place again and again simply for the atmosphere.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

龍茶樓  Choi Lung Restaurant

2 Chuen Lung Estate, Route Twisk, Tsuen Wan
Tel: +852 2415 5041

I can't remember how much we spent, but it's not particularly expensive :)