Sunday, June 24, 2012

Berry Summer Drink, Berry Refreshing!

Refreshing Summer Drink with Berries
Perfect for these sticky balmy stuffy hot summer days!
Very refreshing, super easy to make, and looks so damn pretty!
Perfect for parties ;)

Refreshing Summer Drink with Berries
You can make it alcoholic or non alcoholic too!
- Strawberries, remove top and cut to halves/quarters
- Blueberries, leave them whole
- Cherries, remove stem, cut to halves, remove pits
- Your favorite soda (I used sprite, you can use 7Up or Cream Soda or Sparkling ribena)
- If you want to booze-ify it, add vodka or red/white wine

To assemble in a pitcher, place ice cubes at the bottom, add a layer of fruits, add more ice cubes, pour soda/booze, and add more fruits on top. When serving,, scoop some fruits into individual glasses, and serve the glass with a pretty dessert spoon.

Or just drink the whole pitcher.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Tuen Ng Festival

Happy Tuen Ng Festival, everybody!
We had yummy beef sticky rice dumpling & durian one from Padang Indonesian Restaurant in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Very HK x Indo ;) thank you, Ieie!
We all love the beef one but not fond of the durian one :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baked Mashed Potatoes with Chorizo & Cheese

Mashed Potato with Chorizo & Cheese
Everything taste better with chorizo, right?
And surely, everything taste better with lots of cheese.
So this one's a no brainer.
SC loved it, he requested to just have a "taste" and ended up cleaning the ramekins.

Mashed Potato with Chorizo & Cheese
(yields 4 small ramekins)
- 2 large potatoes
- 4 tbsp butter
- lots of grated cheese (I think I used about 1 cup)
- as much sliced chorizo as you like (I used about 5 slices each ramekin)
- don't you hate how my recipe doesn't give accurate measurements? Me too.
Peel potatoes, cut into large chunks and boil until soft (you can bake them until soft, but I am impatient, boiling is much faster and for this recipe, I don't mind the moisture in the mashed potatoes), mash and mix in the butter bit by bit. Place mashed potatoes into ramekins, top with grated cheese and chorizo, broil in 250C oven until golden brown.

Serve, enjoy, and you'll end up with clean ramekins.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fruity English Muffin Breakfast

Fruity English Muffin Breakfast
I'm a huge savory girl, especially for breakfast. I just can't have sweet muffins for breakfast. No matter how sweet it will make my day...

So. I made these as the "dessert" of my breakfast. The savory version's the one with smoked salmon & cream cheese.
Fruity English Muffin Breakfast
Don't you love English muffins? They're wonderfully chewy and even more delicious when buttered and toasted!

Even when I do sweet version, it needs to have a bit of savory touch, so here we go.. the vulgar shot!
Fruity English Muffin Breakfast
What's in this sinful breakfast?
Butter and toast English muffins, slather generously with peanut butter, add hazelnut spread (e.g. Nutella), add fresh berries (I used strawberries and blueberries), dust a bit of icing sugar, and serve. I like mine with black coffee or unsweetened tea.

I still have more English muffin combos... please bear with me ^_^
I bought a pack and there are only 3 of us, so we had to eat them a few days straight. Not that we're complaining. We love English muffins!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Easy Breakfast - Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Open Sandwich

Smoked Salmon, English Muffin & Cream Cheese Breakfast
I love weekend breakfasts! Simply going downstairs to a neighborhood eatery to have some classic Hong Kong all-day breakfast, or a Chinese resto for dimsums, or congee with a side of steamed rice rolls. In Hong Kong, we are spoilt with choices! What do I love to eat at home for breakfast, though? Well, my favorite would be instant noodles ^_^' I know... it's unhealthy and everything. It's my guilty pleasure. This week, I feel like something different. So I made this simple treat. It cheers me up after a hard work week :)
Smoked Salmon, English Muffin & Cream Cheese Breakfast
I don't think I should call this a recipe. Just sharing how I put this together.
- English muffins (you can replace this with your favorite bread)
- Olive oil for toasting
- Smoked salmon
- Lime juice (or lemon)
- Cream cheese
- Fresh Coriander
Drizzle English muffins with olive oil and toast on a frying pan until browned. Slather cream cheese generously, add a piece of smoked salmon, drizzle with a bit of lime or lemon juice, sprinkle with chopped fresh coriander. I had mine with a cup of earl grey.

Weekend bliss!