Monday, April 29, 2013

Creamy Sweet Corn & Bacon Pasta Recipe

Creamy Sweet Corn and Bacon Pasta
Sweetness of corn & saltiness of bacon. I always love such a combo. Initially I made this for my toddler (OMG, feeding my son bacon - that makes me a bad mom, right? Oh well... just once in a while... and mommy wants some too!). So here goes.

(serves 2)
- pasta for 2 (measure using those pasta measuring rings), I used spaghetti
- 2 fresh sweet corn kernels
- 2 strips of bacon per person (I used lean back bacon and removed the fat)
- 2 cloves garlic, crushed
- butter, cream, salt, pepper

Cook pasta according to the instruction on the packet - do not overcook. If pasta's done before sauce is done, drain and set it aside. Meanwhile, melt about a tbsp butter, add garlic, saute until fragrant, add bacon, add corn, cook until there's a bit of brownage going. Add cream to your liking (I added about 120 ml), season with salt and pepper. Toss the pasta with the sauce and serve hot.

Add some fresh herbs if you like. I didn't since I'd have to pick them out one by one as my big boss (the toddler) demanded. Oh man, I'm such a loser mom.

Anyway, enjoy the pasta!

Monday, April 8, 2013

How To Make Ridiculously Easy Cheat No Bake Chocolate "Cake"

Cheat Easy Lazy Chocolate Cake Substitute - No bake.
I love anything cheat and anything lazy. Short cuts, I adore thee!
What else is new? :)
When I first saw the idea on TV (TLC, Buddy's cooking show), I fell in love with it immediately and decided that I HAVE TO make (an adaptation of) it! And here goes...

This beautiful gorgeous gorgeous "cake" isn't a cake. It's made of bread, soaked in chocolatey goodness. Uh huh! Oh yeah! So, pick a bread with desired texture, you can pick fluffy ones, or chewy ones... but make sure you pick one that can withstand liquid and won't turn into mush. I picked a chewy one made of mixed grains with lots of nuts in it. I love that it has a bit of saltiness in it. So, here's how I made this.
Cheat Easy Lazy Chocolate Cake Substitute - No bake.
Recipe (Adapted from Kitchen Boss)
- Chunks of bread that you like, cut the crusts, I made two thick chunks
(if you wanna make more, adjust the liquid recipe)
- 100gr dark chocolate (or you can use milk chocolate or white chocolate - the world is your chocolate box)
- 1 cup coffee
- 2 tbsp sugar (you can adjust the sweetness)
- 2 tsp rum essence
- 1 shot vodka (you can use rum and omit the rum essence, I did this because I only had vodka)
- Strawberries (or fresh fruits of your choice to go with chocolate)

Cut chocolate into chunks (or you can use baking chocolate chunks), melt over double boiler. Add coffee, sugar, rum essence and vodka, mix well, take it off the heat. Cut crust off bread and cut into chunks. Soak bread in the chocolatey liquid, make sure the liquid gets all absorbed the inner parts of the bread. Baste them, flip them upside down. Once all the chocolate liquid gets absorbed by the bread, you can serve it.

On the TV show, it's served with whipped cream. Since I am not a fan of whipped cream, I planned to serve it with ice cream. But in an effort to be healthier, in the end I served it with fresh fruits instead.

Beyond yum and so damn easy. Perfect for me.

And here's a behind-the-scene shot of baby M "helping out" during the photoshoot.
Cheat Easy Lazy Chocolate Cake Substitute - No bake.
He flipped the mirror around, took the mirror away, and threatened to touch the chocolate a few times :D

Have fun, hope you like the crazy lazy recipe.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

James' Kitchen - Private Kitchen, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
Good deal decent dinner! We had the privilege to order the VIP members only set dinner because my colleague is the chef's secondary classmate! Yay! We love good deals!

James' Special Platter.
James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
Salad with Serrano ham. Nothing earth shattering...

James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
Poached egg salad with black truffle paste. The egg's poached beautifully, but I am maxed out on black truffle paste. I wish there's more dressing with more acid and seasoning.

James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
Yummy yummy oysters. Many of my colleagues don't eat oysters, which means - more for me!

James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
Love the foie T_T really really love it. Pear's poached perfectly. Yum max!

James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
Duck soup. Very well seasoned, very tasty. I finished every single drop of it. And I'm not even a soup person :)

James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
Spinach & cheese homemade ravioli with king prawn. Perfectly cooked prawns, decent ravioli. The creamy sauce is a tad to sweet for me though. I wanted more salt and acid.

James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
Perfectly cooked and well seasoned Australian grain-fed rib eye steak. It's served with black pepper sauce, which is yum. But I am not a big fan of the lotus root chunks, sweet potato mash, and taro crisp part. I was happy to just demolish the steak.

Now... some serious desserts. They are mostly yummy and the servings are generous. Value for money!
James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
Epic baked Alaska. There are black sesame mochi ice cream balls hidden underneath. We LOVE!

James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
Creme brulee. Yummy.

James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
75% dark chocolate cake. It's yummy too.... until I had the next one...

James Kitchen, Tsim Shat Tsui, Hong Kong
My photo didn't do this molten chocolate cake justice. It's absolutely delicious! Love it!
My colleagues signed up for VIP membership as soon as they finished dinner :)
And because of my colleague, we got a platter of free dessert too - yay! Thanks, Chef!

VIP Members only set dinner: HK$488 for two (not including dessert) + HK$90 for foie 

James' Kitchen
9/F, H8, 8 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852 2368 3833
尖沙咀厚福街8號H8 9