Friday, May 16, 2008

Home Made vs Dine Out: Indonesian Fried Rice


- Fully customizable (such as: everything from your sauce rack- 1 dash each, vegetarianize/meat-loverize it, eat it with potato chips, doritos or cheese, or watever you fancy)
- Cost effective (materials & utilities = HK$48 serves 4 = HK$12 per meal)
- Flexible dress code (with face mask on (wrinkle hazard = your own risk), all dolled up, in evening dress/tux, in your undies, all naked, up to you ^_^)
- Carefree table manner (with elbows/feet on the table, using your bare hands, LOL with your mouth full, etc, as long as your current/future in-laws weren't there ^_*)
- Tailor-made Entertainment (play strip mahjong/poker/bridge as you eat, watch TLC/hard core (food) porn shows, watch your better half juggling oranges naked (just don't tell me about this), etc)
- Therapeutic (enjoyment of the cooking/preparation process, devouring the result, seeing your partner enjoying/totally hating the food LOL!)



This particular example is from 1968 (a posh Indonesian restaurant in Causeway Bay district, Hong Kong)
- Non-customizable (the set came with a "warning" that I should not expect anything like fried rice back home in Indonesia, and there's nothing I could do about it)
- Wallet unfriendly (the set costs me more than HK$100, which is more expensive than fried rice sets served in Indonesian 5 star hotels ^_^)
- Dress to impress (in such as posh restaurant, at a trendy district, you're expected to look nothing less than FABULOUS, which by Hong Kong standard means: fully made up, hair done in latest trend, choose an outfit theme , carry not only a monogrammed branded bag-but-preferably the latest hard to get "it" bag. If you got it, this is a good opportunity to flaunt it! ^_*)
- Excellent table manner required (NO, picking your teeth with the sate bamboo skewer stick is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Tracing your dinner date's legs with your toes under the table cloth? That's optional ^_*)
- Surprise Entertainment (eavesdrop your way through the evening, if you're lucky, you might get some investment tips , and yes! it is entertaining to see people cursing at the flavorless fried rice, or pretending to like it, and it'd even more amazing to see people really loving the flavorless fried rice - which I didn't see that night)
- Risk of Emotional Damages (caused by seeing the total amount on the bill, recurring nightmares of flavorless fried rice, haunted by repeated appearances of shrimp crackers in every dish throughout the meal, the disappointment of Indonesian food representation, etc)

My Home Made Fried Rice

The Cucumber Pickles
- 2 small cucumbers/1 big one, cut into 5mm slices
- 1 small red chilli, thinly sliced
- 1 small clove of shallot, thinly sliced
- vinegar
- sugar
- salt
- some water
mix everything in a bowl, adjust taste to suit your palate, let it rest in the fridge, preferably overnight, serve cold...very very refreshing for summer

Skewerless Sate Ayam Kecap Manis (Skewerless Chicken Sate with Sweet Soy Sauce)
(recipe in my next post)

My Version of Fried Rice
- 2 cups of rice, rested overnight in the fridge
- 5 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
- 6 cloves of shallot, finely chopped
- 3 small red chilli, remove seeds and core, thinly sliced
- half pound shrimps, deveined, marinate in lime juice, salt and pepper
- salt, sugar, pepper, kecap manis, ketchup, soy sauce, dark soy sauce
- olive oil/butter
- 1 or 2 egg/s
Saute shrimps until pink and curled, set aside, saute garlic, shallot and chilli, add rice, crack eggs on the side, mix about, add sauces, add shrimps, serve with fried shallots, emping crackers, chicken sate on the side

I had to eat a lot of this to repair my emotional damages


daphne said...

Hey! I still like your home made one better.

tigerfish said...

Are you the owner of that Indonesian Restaurant? That dine-out fried rice is your own creation. Yes must be. Looks the same!

A.G said...

lhah ke resto keyen kok belinya nasgor, hmmm naksir krupuk udangnya :(

in here i only can get vietnamese prawn crakers and one from holland but the taste is absolutly differnt then original frm Indo.

suk lek mudik koperku pe tak kebaki krupuk. I am krupuks lover

**Sorry Rit bilingual comment.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyoh..home cooked look so better..although i wouldnt want to see any jiggly bits dangling around while i eat preferably haha..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita! :)

Retno Prihadana said...

Aku pilih home made aja Rit :). Ehh...nasi gorengnya pake sate ya?, jodone sate uenak e lontong tho..he..he.

Peter M said...

I find myself eating in more & more...either I cook better or the food's gotten worse at many eateries.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes!! Strip mahjong!..err .. I mean Indonesian Fried rice! I take your version over the fancy shmancy restaurant version anytime. And I am kupruks lover too! Like you needed to know that. Haha. (Okay I have no clue what kupruks are)

Salt N Turmeric said...

I know wht u mean. Iv practically given up hope on msian restaurant here too. Id rather find the recipe online, buy the ingredients and make them myself. the result? priceless! ;)

Elsye said...

qiqiqiqi..btw enakan yang mana Rit..:D, homemade jelas yaa...btw naksir ama kerupukknyaaa....*ngacaaayyy*

Beachlover said...

I salute you for cooking your own fried rice.!!When I was in Hong Kong during CNY,I see Hongkies don't cook dinner or lunch in their home,said the kitchen and home is too small,so they rather buy takeout from restaurant or stall.Anyway,I still prefer homecook spicy fried rice coz I can't buy super spicy thai's chili fried rice out there!!

Mama Mia said...

home made~ always the best! Looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Homemade. Homemade. Homemade.

Your homemade is the best!

test it comm said...

Homemade fried rice is the best! Super simple and tasty.

Lisa said...

Funny post. I love the sound of your pickles and the fried rice, and can't wait to see the satay recipe.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Yes, homemade wins out.