Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chinese Take-Out Party LUCKY DRAW!

I am not big on lucky's a typical conversation I had with my workmates regarding Hong Kong's version of lotto, Mark Six:

X: Have you bought your tickets for Mark Six?
Me: No...why?
X: Get your ass moving, dummy! Tonight's jackpot is HK$60,000,000!!! (the Cantonese say it this way = six thousand of ten thousands (6000 x 10,000) instead of 60 big numbers confuse me all the time)
Me: Wow...that sounds like A LOT more zeroes than what I can comprehend in Cantonese
X: Yeah! If you don't see me tomorrow at work, I'll be off to some Carribean islands working on my tan, sipping my expensive bottle of Champagne, surrounded by A LOT of chicks, and f**k this job!!
Me: Oohhh OK...good luck, man!
X: Aren't you gonna buy Mark Six?
Me: Nah...I never win...not even HK$20 (the minimum win) in 5 years!!
X: Really????!!!...wait a minute...have you ever bought Mark Six?
Me:, why?
X: !@#$!$!$#!$#@!$....never mind!!! (in Cantonese = what a waste of air)

LOL! Anyway...I really wanted to give a token of my appreciation (something physical, not virtual) to ALL my party participants, but due to my super tight budget (which is a lot tighter than my azz), I could only give out one set this time ^_^... I shall look for a sponsor and give more next time, aye? ^_*

Now...I didn't know a better way to do I did it the conventional way:

...your names, printed out, cut...

folded, shaken & drawn from a plastic take-out lunch box ^_^

A team of auditors from KPMG witnessed the draw...KIDDING!!!...only a couple of workmates did and I swear I didn't look when I drew the name (take my words against theirs) and I didn't include my own name in that box (I meant, I didn't include only one...but most of the names in the box are mine KIDDING-2! ^_^)

Check out the lucky draw video below! It wasn't easy to hold a camera, shakin', drawin' & unfoldin" HAHA I should've asked someone to help me hold the camera T_T

Pardon the blurry video....hehe

Congratulations to the LUCKY WINNER!!!
(all names in the box are mine apart from the lucky winner's name!!! I couldn't believe I DIDN'T win!!! KIDDING-3!)


...see you at the next partee!...


sefa firdaus said...

kurang jelas Rit :D
tapi yg pasti bukan gue :))

Dagmar said...

Wow, how exciting with a draw video! :-)

Congratulations to "Gift from the Kitchen", the sweet peanut soup looks great.

daphne said...

Congratulations to the winner!!!! Nicely drawn. Love the video.

Lady Batya said...

kurang ejlas..tapi iya yg pasti bukan aku :(
Soalnya nama nya panjang banget wakakakakaka, nggak sependek tulisan WONTON xixixixiix.

Btw...thnx ya Rita, seneng ama acara party nya and good luck for the winner.

A.G said...

shake it shake it baby wakakakakak....

Ruth Daniels said...

Great way to start my morning...even if I didn't win! Congrats to the winner.

Love, love, love the video.

Truly awesome event and thanks again for hosting. What's next?

taste memory said...

what a great hostess you are ~ what a fab idea for the party!

Nina Timm said...

Well done on your successful first event. Sorry I did not take part, but my Chinese skills are scary

Unknown said...

congrats Rita!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Congrats to the winner!

Dwiana P said...

hahahhahaa... yes, you need help dear! I still have two hands here.
I can't read who is winning? but it seems like it wasn't ME!
congratulation for the winner!

KC said...

Fabulous, Rita! Loved the Chinese takeout roundup. You certainly created an exciting and suspenseful draw. I loved the video. Congrats to the winner.

Rita Sella said...

huaaaa.....the winner is me ??? huaaaa...... *faint*

Rita Sella said...

yayyyyy.... woo hoooo.... thanks Rit,
i've never won anything before, will email my address soon...

Beachlover said...

congratulation to the winner!!.It's fun to participate.See yea!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Congrats to the Winner...! What a great event....and the video is great too...thks for all yr hardwork in bringing excitement to the blogging world...Cheers.

Elsye said...

kekekekek...selamet buat mbak Rita...:D..aku ngarepin juga loh..wakakakaka...**

btw selamat ya Rit...sukses booww partynyaa...:D