Friday, December 30, 2011

The Bin Tai II - Indomie, Sausages, Cheese & Mayo Sandwich

The Bin Tai II - Toasted Buns, Indomie, Sausages, Grated Cheese, Mayo
To celebrate the last working day of the year, here's my bin tai (Canto for pervert - or click the word to see the definition from urban dictionary) gift to you all...the sequel to the bin tai.

The Bin Tai II - Toasted Buns, Indomie, Sausages, Grated Cheese, Mayo
The idea started from how in Hong Kong we have a typical breakfast set menu of instant noodles, toasts and sausages and eggs. Why don't I put them all in one package of a sandwich? Aha! So I did, except I forgot the eggs. Ugh. Typical me.

I think you pretty much know how everything's prepared, but I'm gonna share how it's done anyway. I'm show-offy like that ;)

- Buns or bread, and butter
- Your favorite sausages (or ham, or bacon, whatever pushes your buttons). I used chipotle cheese sausages
- Your favorite cheese(es). Ideally a combo of something that will melt well and something that will turn golden brown, but I only had cheddar, so I just used cheddar. Sobs
- Your favorite dry instant noodles. I used Indomie goreng. You can also use soup noodles but make it dry by excluding the soup and some of the seasoning to prevent it from going too salty
- Mayo and chilli sauce (or whatever sauces you want)

Prepare the noodles, undercook them to give the sandwich a bit of crunchiness and let the noodles withstand the additional heating the sandwich might need later. Once prepared, set aside. Butter the buns or bread generously and toast until golden brown. Slice and pan fry sausages, grate cheeses. Slather the buns with mayo and sauces, add fillings until the sandwich resembles an exploding, tumbling hot mess. Reheat the whole package in the oven, or you can blow torch the cheeses to melt and turn them golden.

Imagining how it tastes won't help much. Go ahead and create your own version of perverse yumminess!

And, Happy last Friday of 2011! Yayyyy!!!


noobcook said...

u turn something not very healthy (instant noodles) to something even unhealthier but much more delicious. bin tai me like very much too :x haha happy new year!

Unknown said...

@wiffy! lols I love how you said I turn something unhealthy even unhealthier hehehehhhh

Arudhi said...

Hahahah...awesome!! You should add corned beef and lots of chili sauce in that bin tai stack :D Happy New Year to you and your family, Rita!

tigerfish said...

Hahaha...Bin Tai good!

Alice said...

wew! Rita and always creative delicious creation! *slurp*
Happy New Year :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

What a bin tai combination. I would not have thought of this, but hey as long as it's delicious right? :)

Joanne said...

This is amazing! Talk about carb loading...I need this before my next long run!

daphne said...

hahaa.. this is AWESOME! It's not bin tai at all!It's FaN-Tai-StIc! Just wishing I can take a bite of it right now. Happy New year Rita! Make more of these amazing ideas! ;)

Cooking Gallery said...

I always love your bin tai food ideas...;). They always look so incredibly fattening but delicious!! Happy New Year 2012!!

Joyti said...

OOO, this looks very indulgent and good.
Great photographs, by the way - love the focus.

spiky said...

this is a comfort food to me...grab that and watch TV at midnight.

spiky said...

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anyway, hope we exchange links. :)

taryn said...

LOL that looks delicious! taking so many yummy things and putting it together like that...i have a weakness for instant this is going to be a must try in my book...might as well make it soon since i haven't started my new years diet yet! lol!

cesar said...

is a wonderful recipe!

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LS said...

Greetings from your fellow colleague! Love your blogs! This looks so good, but so bad for you :)

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