Friday, December 4, 2009

After Lunch Indulgences - La Maison du Chocolat

Because it's Friday.
Because it's December.
Because it's close to Christmas.
Because it's my birthday month.

Because the sky is blue.
Because it's 17C winter in Hong Kong.
Because birds were chirping.

Because tomorrow's weekend.
Because my boss is away.
Because I've accomplished so much this morning.

Because the eclair's so delicately delicious.
Because the cake's unbelievably chocolatey.
Because I had a tiny lunch today.

Because I am having a good hair day.
Because I have my camera with me.
Because I found HK$20 note in my jacket's right pocket.

Because it's chocolate.

Do I really need a reason for chocolate?

Didn't think so.

La Maison du Chocolat


Unknown said...

Eclair + a cup of coffee con leche = yuuummm

KennyT said...

I love their chocolate and eclairs, hahahaha.

tigerfish said...

Ya, no need reasons. I carry chocolates with me all the time in my bag now. No reason.

Jo said...

A girl can't ask for more, can you?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Man, I want the chocolate cake!

EatTravelEat said...

Nice! I think of no reasons for having chocolate other than dark chocolate is good for health.

Indonesia Eats said...

dasarrrr ritongg

Kana said...

You are right, one does not need a reason to enjoy chocolate!

cheeky angel said...

That eclair just screamed "eat me"!

Mrs Ergül said...

Thank god, no, thank Rita for posting this before I go over to HK. Cuz I just added another item to my must-eat list!! yay!! Cheers to you!

Swee San said...

the eclair is HKD50 ? WOW it's pretty expensive huh ..