Friday, December 11, 2009

Spam Love

In my previous salad post, I've mentioned that I had it with some SPAM.
You know I wasn't talking about eating junk mails for lunch.

I. Love. Spam.
Well, who doesn't?

Spam I love you "just the way you are".

I love seared Spam.

I love grilled Spam.
I love deep fried Spam.
I love sauteed Spam.
I love stewed Spam.

I love Spam in soups.
I love Spam in salads.
I love Spam in between bread.
I love Spam with pineapple.
I love Spam with chilli.
I love Spam with eggs.
I love Spam with noodles.
I love Spam with rice.

Spam, I love you in every way.
Even in cupcakes.

Can someone make me some Spam cupcakes?


Anonymous said...

spam cupcakes.. ehhh? I would try it haha I find spam is like kfc, good while eating it but then afterwards I feel so greasy and ashamed of myself haha

tata | bonitafood said...

Wah Mbak Ritong seneng nyepam hehehe. Btw, fotone sing karo rambut anyar --> Suit suiiiiitttt!!! Hehehehe (^^)v

KennyT said...

LOL, what about some fried rice with spam?

Hey Rita, I've got some heirloom tomato seeds from America, would you like some? I know you're growing some herbs at home. Lemme know la!

A scientist in the kitchen said...

That's it, I'm having spam for breakfast!!! I wasn't sure what I'd want,so now I'm headed to the kitchen :)


pigpigscorner said...

I love spam too but in cupcakes?? I've read about bacon cupcakes so why not heh?!

Little Corner of Mine said...

We all loved Spam too! We like it thinly slice and pan-fry it until crispy.

noobcook said...

I love it too! we call it luncheon meat here. Can roast in oven? I usually pan fry like LCOM

Unknown said...

Love to eat spam with just plain steam white rice and a little splash of maggi sauce... reminds me of childhood. Maybe I should feed my girls with spam tomorrow :) Good idea!

EatTravelEat said...

I love pan fried spam. Spam fried rice was one of my first meals for high school. Yum.

Does this mean you have a spam cupcake post coming up ;)?

YaYa said...

You can try adapting GYF's bacon cupcakes by substituting Spam instead, I think it would work beautifully!

M said...

I love Spam too.. I like to eat it with plain rice or in Nasi Goreng!