Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BBQ Dark Chocolate Stuffed Bananas - It's Complicated

So, what's new from last BBQ?
These barbecued dark chocolate stuffed bananas.

Actually this is nothing new to us, but we haven't done this for quite a while....because...

It's complicated.
Don't we loveee making things complicated.
You'll see.

First, stick a large banana with BBQ fork.
BBQ it until the banana skin turns black and the flesh gets mushy.

WARNING: Not for the impatient!

Such as sous chef.
He kept flipping and fiddling the banana, impatiently, it slipped away from his fork, right onto open flame.
Two tongs came to the rescue.

Banana was saved! Thank God! All rejoice!
Our BBQ banana master said that the banana wasn't done yet, but sc was having none of it.
He couldn't wait any longer.

Annie si-fu (Cantonese for master) started "processing" the banana.
She "operated on" the banana, in one swift movement, she sliced the banana open.

See that gap? We need that surgical-perfection gap.
We had people wiping sweat off Annie si-fu's forehead during the "surgery". Kidding!

Now, break some dark chocolate into chunks that will fit the banana.
We used Lindt's 70% Dark Chocolate. Rich, chocolatey and thin.
Thin pieces are better for the impatient. They melt faster.

Over to sc, back to the grill.
See how the chocolate pieces were starting to melt?
We see a promise.

Whatever you do.
Don't drop the banana now, or the sacrifice of your sore arms would be totally worthless.

Most of the chocolate pieces have melted into gooey chocolate goodness now.

Lay it gently on a plate...light your incense sticks and worship it.
It is worthy of praise!

The banana grilling prodigy wanted to pose with his master.

The scenes after this were too barbaric to post.
Think 8 spoons fighting for a piece of that gooey melted dark chocolate and banana goodness.
It was brutal to say the least.

On second thought, do you think we can achieve the same by nuking banana flesh and dark chocolate together in a microwave?
Don't tell si-fu and sc I said so.


Jin said...

OMG, that is just sinful!!! i hope the oven will give me that same goodness.

VegeCooking Club said...

These look amazing. What could be better than bananas and dark chocolate? Heaven.

daphne said...

hehehe.. I love that! I guess bbq gives it a flame grilled flavour different from microwave.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Ok not for me then because I am impatient! LOL! What a great idea too, never thought of that.

tigerfish said...

Best BBQ during winter :) For me, I think it is easier to make dark choc fondue and dip the bananas in there. ;p ....so time-consuming just for ONE bah-NA-NA! LOL!

Jason said...

@Jin, I think nuking it with a microwave as Rita suggested would do just fine as well. I am planning to try it soon! ... woohoo!

Lidia Sianturi said...

Pan grill/fry I may say will do just fine...

Anonymous said...

You like to live dangerously Rita! You could achieve similar results with your oven without the risk of burning down half your neighborhood... but it's not as fun. :)

I think SC should get fired for dropping the banana. :P hehehe.. hehehe.. hehehe..