Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hong Kong Christmas Party Gift Exchange

Since most of my workmates don't read my blog, I think it is safe for me to post this.
We're having a work Christmas party tomorrow, and gift exchange is a common activity in Hong Kong Christmas parties.

We were given a budget of HK$100 or more (that means not a cent less, people!), no vouchers, coupons or lottery tickets allowed (Boo for the coupon restriction, I could really use some of that, but I agree that it will blow the surprise factor. Yay for the lottery tickets restriction. I have no luck with lotteries).

Some factors I consider when purchasing for work party, random gift exchange:
1. Within the specified budget (I was so pissed when I received HK$49 worth of heartless gift a few years back - it was Marks and Spencers lotion set, when the guidance clearly said HK$100)
2. Unisex (while I admire the manliness of boys clad in Hello Kitty items, I don't wanna be the cause of that ^_^)
3. Creativity (I had none, I was so dangerously close to buying Ferrero Roche chocolates/towels/scarves/mugs)
4. Usability/Edibility (thus the towel/scarf thoughts)
5. The not-worth-it factor (something one would deem not-worth-buying, but would love to receive as a gift)

So, what did I finally get?

Large Dried Chinese Mushrooms!

They're perfect!
They were sold at the perfect price of HK$100, no more, no less :)

Boys or girls can cook, eat and enjoy em. Worst case, give to your mom to cook them for you. It's definitely creative, unexpected. They've got the wow factor (they are HUGE, more than 12 cm diameter each)! Totally edible and I would not buy these myself, but would love to receive these babies as a gift :D

You likey?

Sadly, this brilliant idea wasn't mine. It was sous chef's. Hehe.
I would've gone for the ferrero roche.
Everybody love em, right?

I am thinking to print out some recipes to include in the gift pack, any ideas?


zenchef said...

I likey!

You can pack zenchef to include in your gift package too. I'm easy. :)

noobcook said...

What a great gift especially if the recipient loves cooking hint hint lol

Pei-Lin said...

Hey, you know what, I wouldn't mind accepting that gift on behalf of your co-worker! LOL! I just had mine, too ... You know what I got, a 循環袋 ... with the picture of a bakery printed onto it. Though I know it was 一個意思, I still felt a bit pissed ... Hahahaha ... Because I was dreaming of a cookbook/cookware/bakeware/ingredient Christmas present so bad!!


Swee San said...

Aww I think it's a good idea.. :)

cheeky angel said...

That's totally different and makes a huge change to the usual suspects (that you had already listed).

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes, I'm probably won't buy it for myself but would love to receive it as gift. Nice!

pigpigscorner said...

I hate thinking of what gifts to get. I'd be happy to receive those huge mushrooms though..

EatTravelEat said...

I would love that as a gift exchange! Probably more than two tickets to the movies.

As for ideas for what to include also, how about a mushroom soup recipe or a slow cooked soup recipe that utilizes mushrooms since it is winter?

Jo said...

Haha .. I would not in my entire life had thought of mushrooms as a gift exchange. I always end up getting lotion, potpurri or scented candle. Sigh! Better to have something that you can eat then something you don't even use. Happy holidays and have a great Christmas.

Mrs Ergül said...

I like this idea!