Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner at Ruby Tuesday

I'm all about planning everything in advance.
Especially when it involves special occassions, and Christmas eve dinner normally does qualify as one, a big one.If I were to cook dinner, I'd search high and low for the perfect dishes and recipes. If I were to dine out, I'd be asking around, consulting
OpenRice, other Hong Kong food blogs, magazines, until I found the perfect little place.
Even if the meal sucked, at least I knew I've tried my very best.

This year?
It's exceptional.
I didn't make any plan whatsoever, didn't book a place...
and was thinking to just hit city super and see what ingredients I can bring home to cook...

That sounded like a plan?

Yes, but after rounds of emptying-my-wallet-damaging-my-credit-cards in Causeway Bay, I was too exhausted to even think about what to cook. We checked out a few restaurants, which were all fully booked with throngs of people harrassing the hostess, and finally ended up in...Ruby Tuesday ^_^
Lobster bisque was really tasty, probably a tad too creamy for most people, but I like creamy :D

So hungry from all the shopping, we weren't happy with just the Christmas Eve set dinner for two, ordered another plate of buffalo shrimps. They get our tummy teased. Crispy, springy, and spicy. My kinda snack.

The fork tender ribs with classic BBQ sauce?
Super tender, smoky, and flavorful indeed. I'll have a problem cooking ribs at home trying to match this later. Arrggh.

The scallops & Aged Prime Sirloin...the steak was out of this world. Tender, juicy, and bursting with flavors. The scallops could have a little more caramelization on them, if they weren't there, I won't miss 'em :p

Because it's a "special occassion", I ordered mango mojito. Hello alcohol allergy~! I know I know, I am still scratching like a monkey as I type this, and oh, I didn't get much mango flavor/scent from this drink :S

SC had this Ruby Refresher thing, not bad, but not memorable. Opps.

Before the food arrived, I was busy thinking about dessert, but after this giant meal, we were stuffed to our eyeballs, couldn't even look at the dessert menu, it's a rare moment, everyone! Normally, we always have some room for dessert, don't we?

All in all, we were happy with our dinner, our loot, and totally enjoyed the festive atmosphere~

Not bad for a man with no plan ^_^
Happy holidays everybody!

PS. If you need Ruby Tuesday's info, here's their website.
PS. The meal (for two) costs around HK$790.


KennyT said...

I miss RT's chocolate tallcake!!

EatTravelEat said...

Happy holidays to you too :). I did not have any special plans either other than a nice lunch.

I've never been to Ruby Tuesdays so this gives me a nice point of view. But if Ruby Tuesday's people are not the same in HK as they are in the US, too bad. The food looks mighty YUM from the way it looks!

Maybe a glimpse at the dessert menu could have been given if you didn't eat the buffalo shrimp? But aha, that would be one less yummy dish to look at! And a cool dish, at that.

pigpigscorner said...

That turned out really nice! Happy holidays!

Cynthia said...

Happy Holidays!

pam said...

Seriously? That was Ruby Tuesday's? It all looks excellent!

Mrs Ergül said...

That seems like it is worth a try!