Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cooked Veggie & Mushroom Salad with Japanese Creamy Sesame Dressing

I am sure we have all watched cliched, unoriginal, uncreative movies with fully predictable plots...
My blog is dangerously becoming predictable.

- I used to hate X, but now I love
- I used to love X, but now can't stand it
- I failed X, it looked like shit, but still tasted good
- I followed X's recipe, but I screwed it up
- I've screwed up then, I succeeded this time
- Something's on sale, bought it, cooked it, ate it, liked it
- Relate something entirely food

yada yada yada, blablabla.

Sounds familiar? Uh huh! My cliched, expected, predictable formulas, out in the open.

Does it mean that I'm gonna try doing something entirely different? Innovative? Amazingly creative?

You wish. I wish.


Let's talk salad.
This time, I want a salad, but not in the mood for raw veggie, or anything with caesar dressing, parmesan and (gasp!) bacon. I must be sick.

Let's do some cooked vegetables and store bought dressing.

Wash and chop your veggie of choice.
Dip veggie of choice into boiling water.
I chose Chinese cabbage, it survives cooking well.
The Chinese cabbage was a little lonely, I added fresh shitake.
I dropped the fresh shitake into the water for literally just a couple of seconds before I drop everything into a strainer.

Pour cold water over vegetables to stop them from cooking further,

...and drain as much water as possible.

I've bought this Japanese creamy sesame dressing a while ago from City Super.
Freaking love it.

Remind me to keep using it before it expires.

Place vegetables on plate, drizzle with dressing. Generously.

What an easy side dish.
It gives a little touch of health to my fried SPAM lunch.


Peter M said...

I lurve creamy Japanese sesame dressing, adore mushroom and the salad's got some crunch too!

pigpigscorner said...

I like cooking with Chinese cabbage too. This looks great! Just ran out of sesame dressing =(

Jo said...

I'm reading this with a smile and trying to type in a sensible comment! :) Anyway love the simple salad with the sesame dressing.

noobcook said...

looks totally healthy! unlike the junk I have been eating lately heheh

Little Corner of Mine said...

I love it! Looks delicious!

Indonesia Eats said...

tong, lg hobi jamurkah?

tigerfish said...

Nice way to do a salad this way ;)

Cookie said...

I'm in the mood for cooked salads instead of raw ones now that the weather is cooler. I LOVE Japanese Sesame Dressing and finally found it at this Asian supermarket! SO happy!