Monday, March 9, 2009

Martabak Manis - My Tower of Shame

Imagine a Hollywood movie trilogy.
The Martabak Manis (Thick Indonesian Pancake) Disaster Series - by Mochachocolata-Rita
Martabak Manis: Thin & Burnt - yet Delicious (published and was quite a hit)
II. Martabak Manis the sequel: Thick, not Burnt - yet NOT yummy (not published, went straight to recycle bin)
III. Martabak Manis the triquel: My Tower of Shame
(now showing)

My tower of shame? Why?

This is my third attempt, and I've been given the ultimate deliciousness martabak manis recipe, complete with tireless online guidance (thank you sooo much, Lidia! ^_^), and I still managed to f*cked it up. Un-freaking-believable!

Ehm well, I had only myself to blame. Let me summarize my failures:
First Attempt
What happened: did not follow recipe properly, set the heat too high, and left the pancake unattended (surely, a recipe for disaster)
Result: thin pancake, burnt bottom (doesn't look as sexy as it sounds)

Second Attempt
What happened: trying a good recipe, skipped hand mixer, just used a whisk to beat the heck outta the batter, frying was done using IKEA non stick pan
Result: batter didn't raise as high as it should've, texture was all wrong, disgustingly soft, tasted off

Third Attempt
What happened: trying the good recipe again, used a hand mixer, frying was done using IKEA non stick pan, I didn't know when I should stop cooking (!!!)
Result: the batter raised beautifully, towering all high and proud, the texture and taste wasn't bad (but not that good), and again, the ever so unsightly, unsexy burnt bottom!!!

What have I learnt from my multiple failures? What's my next action plan?
- Contemplate never to try making a martabak manis again. Like, ever
- Buy a proper pan with a thick bottom. That thin and cheap IKEA pan just won't work
- When back to Indonesia, get an internship with a martabak manis vendor
- Failing that, flirt outrageously with him to get the recipe
- Failing that, propose marriage to a martabak manis vendor
- Try to import a martabak manis vendor into Hong Kong
- Heck, just have Aphin Martabak Manis phone number on speed dial and order every night before going back to Hong Kong

I am anything but persistent, eh? Duh, this trilogy is so not a blockbuster material.


Anonymous said...

Like your martabak manis even burn on the bottom :)
Looks delicious! Good work, girl!


Anonymous said...

Oh noooesss but mm I would still eat that haha! Colour is flavour ;) They look so fluffyyy!

Heather said...

wow! that looks delicious!! they're lovely!

Elsye said...

nek gosong tetep endang toh....hihihihihi....

jesse said...

AIYO Rita... I can so empathize!!! Martabak manis is THE food that I crave the most whenever I'm away from Indo. It's the one thing that keeps me up at night and tortures me with memories of thick slabs of buttery awesomeness. What's your fav martabak manis filling? I looove cheese, condensed milk, sugar, crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, and a shitload of butter! Ahh!! Your third attempt looks fantastic, even with the burnt bottom. I'd happily eat all of that!!

Screamin' Mama said...

How frustrating! I would have quit the second time. Post a pic if you ever get the courage to try it again.

EatTravelEat said...

Looks delicious even with the burnt tops. It kind of looks like it was nicely browned rather than being burned to me :).

And I like the comments you made. Very entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Ok, it may not have worked well but I like your perseverance. Besides, that is one of the craziest looking dishes I've ever seen. It looks like a matrix of those hen-of-the-woods mushrooms...weird and a good way.

Jescel said...

never had those before, but sounds delish.. the burnt bottom still looks delish, nevertheless.

Cakelaw said...

LOL Rita - I think flirt outrageously with the vendor first, then go for marriage if necessary.

Lidia Sianturi said...

sorry couldnt be of any help...

Nisa-mom said...

aww.. gue suka yang rada gosong koq Rit. kesiniin deh..

sparklingcosmic said...

Dont be decouraged yet!!! Recently i successed making it after wooed many times by the floor.

And it is worth the effort, really. Now whenever it is weekend it is really martabak manis time for us.

Tangled Noodle said...

At least you kept trying! But like many here, I'd still chow down on these. The texture looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

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Silakan mampir yah! Tenkiu bgt!! :)

Susy Barrat said...

ngakak bacanya.. ampe pake trilogy segala..hihihi..anyway.. you try your best.. even gosong tapi kan udah usaha ..hihihihi.. hayoo coba lagi..tar kalo udah sukses kirim ke prancis ya.. ;)

sandy said...

martabak emang paling enak,,,,,apalagi kalau martabak telor