Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bistik Daging Nanas Pedas & Weird Dreams

Is it just me, or do you guys have weird dreams too?

When I heard the word nightmare, I only thought of any dreams involving scary ghosts flying around scary places/evil spirits, ala the Ring, Poltergeist, Omen, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.

I never thought that my other weirdo dreams, such as:
- I have a mathematics exam today, but I've been studying biology
- I have an exam today, but I didn't study at all yesterday
- I can't get to the examination building (naturally, I woke up before the scene where I got to the exam room or going through the exam)
- I am so late for work, there is an ultra important meeting, and there are 100001 obstacles to pass through (of cos, I would wake up before the scene where I got to the office)
- Having nothing to eat
- Very hungry, seeing a mountain of delicious food in front of me, yet I can't touch them (Oh nooo...)

...are actually considered nightmares too. Ms. Wiki said that any dreams that make me feel strongly unpleasant = nightmare.

Why do I have so many nightmares? Ehm, does going to bed after eating cause nightmare? I learnt this from my emotionally deep, highly profound literature, Garfield. I was wondering if it was true...and yes, Ms. Wiki said so too. Eating before sleep increases body's metabolism and brain activity, and I do, snack before bed (a lot), thus my very vivid, super intense, never ending exam/work/hunger nightmares.

But what the heck, nothing feels better than sleeping after a delicious and satisfying meal.

This was one of my nightmare cause...
Bistik Daging Nanas Pedas
(Spicy Meat and Pineapple in Sweet & Savoury Sauce)

Back home, bistik is made with sliced beef and homemade fried potato chunks, which I totally love. However, as I repeatedly said, I love minced meat as it makes my weekdays easier (no chopping, no slicing, no nothing), and the pineapple chunks added natural sweetness and acidity to this dish. The chopped chilli added and extra spicy kick for me.

- 1 pack (0.7 lb) minced meat
- half a small fresh pineapple, remove core and cut into bite sized chunks (you can use canned pineapple, but fresh is better)
- 3 red chilli, chopped (adjust to suit your taste)
- 3 cloves of garlic, crushed
- half an onion, sliced
- light soy sauce, kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), a dash of worcestershire sauce, white pepper, ground/freshly grated nutmeg, olive oil

Saute garlic, onion and chilli in hot oil, add meat, cook until thoroughly cooked, add sauces, add pineapple chunks, cook until everything is done, serve with plain rice, or stir in some pasta.

If you like your pineapple caramelised a little, add them before adding the meat, cook until they are caramelised.

I devoured loads of this with loads of rice and the carb high sent me straight to bed. My nightmare was trying to go to hip hop class, taught by my super hot dance teacher (I guess deep inside I wanted to exercise/drooling over a hot guy, instead of curling under a blanket after a meal), but there were 1,000,000 obstacles which I had to go through, including finding my favorite exercise t-shirt and driving through a crowded Indonesian market. Bah!

But it was so totally worth it, at least it wasn't anything with scary ghosts flying around.


jesse said...

Hmm, thank god I no longer get bad dreams regularly... and here's why: I started reading bedtime stories in bed... easy-going literature like Terry Pratchett or some children's novels that won't set your heart racing with excitement. Helps to calm your energy down, which is good, because I tend to snack like crazy at night too, haha!

tigerfish said...

How can meat+pineapple, with sweet+savory sauce, be a nightmare?

Anonymous said...

Hahah I get lots of weird nightmares/dreams but that food one rly must be the worst!

And that look soo tasttyyy I would still eat it even if is the cause of the nightmares haha! YUMmmm!

Heather said...

love the new blog banner! (or have i just not noticed it before?!) i get weird dreams, too... yours crack me up :) i think everyone gets weird ones, but hey, it gives us something to talk about!

food looks yummy!! i love pineapple in savory foods!

Screamin' Mama said...

Yummm...this looks delicious. Pineapple is my favourite. And the dish looks very easy to make which is perfect for a non-cook like me.

EatTravelEat said...

Looks simple and delicious with the combo of sweet and tart pineapple, savoury beef, and spicy chili! I routinely have weird dreams- not recently though...

Indonesia Eats said...

trs trs laparrrrr

Nisa-mom said...

nyonteeeeeeeeeeeek... :-)

btw, jangan2 lo baca buku horor sebelom tidur say heheheh

Elsye said...

kayake iki seger yo Rit...kekekkekekek....

Jo said...

Hmm I know everyone have dreams but I somehow cannot seem to remember mine. Guess better to have none than to have scary ones! Anyway your dish looks delicious, ada pedas, ada masam and ada manis.

Jin Hooi said...

haha.. It's worth to have a nightmare for this delicious meal , yum !!!

Cynthia said...

Hmmmm, I have bad dreams often but I am going to test your theory now as I am a little hungry, so I am going to get a cup of tea and a slice of sweet bread, watch some tv and then fall asleep. I will report tomorrow :)

Jescel said...

is that plate made of capiz shell from the Philippines? I have one like that too! and that embroidered napkin, so pretty and dainty.. and love this dish. love pineapples in a savory dish.

daphne said...

hmmm..meat with pineapple! Tangy! I guess that helps with dancing as well? =)

And I hv nightmares when I'm stressed!

Cakelaw said...

I love the look of this dish - I love cooked pineapple (after hating it as a kid).