Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spicy Lamb & Shrimp Paste Fusili

Oh my goodness. It's been a while since I've made pasta, I wonder if I could still pull it off. Those who normally read my blog know that I don't do things authentically, nor innovatively. I just do things my lazy way. There were times when I put 2 + 2 = 100, and there were times when I put 2 + 2 = -100, to put it simply, they didn't work. This time, I wanted some Asian flavors on my pasta, so I tried mixing lamb and shrimp paste. Let's see how it goes.

Don't you feel that when you've stopped doing something for too long, when you do it again, it feels kinda weird and you have to start getting a hang of it all over again? (Nooooo I am not talking about THAT. Hehe)

That's how I felt about cooking pasta. Suddenly, I didn't know how to tell if the pasta's cooked just right, I added too much shrimp paste (boy, it's powerful) and had to adjust and adjust. A lot of work, I was glad it ended up great. A tad too tasty, but it worked for me.

Spicy Lamb and Shrimp Paste Fusili

(serves 4)
- 1 cup of fusili
- 4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
- 6 cloves of shallot, thinly sliced
- 3 red chillis, chopped
- a bunch of fresh corriander, chopped
- 0.7 lb lamb, sliced thinly, sukiyaki style
- 2 tsp shrimp paste
- 1 tsp sugar
- pepper, olive oil, water, salt

Cook pasta as directed in the packet, drain. Saute garlic, shallot, chilli and a bit of corriander in olive oil, add sliced lamb, add shrimp paste and sugar, cook through, add pasta, mix well, serve with freshly chopped corriander.

There's something else I haven't done for really really long time...submitting a pasta dish to one of my favorite foodblog events, Presto Pasta Nights. I miss it dearly. This one's for you, guys. This week's it's hosted by lovely Pam from Sidewalk Shoes. Hop over to her blog to check out the roundup.

Now...there's still another thing I haven't done for a very long time...I wonder if I'd still be good at it. Let's see. ;)


Heather said...

ohh. my husband loves lamb - so he's be all over this! looks delicious!

tigerfish said...

Fusion pasta, I sense...
Bring it on, lady. :P

pam said...

Thanks for your entry! I love lamb with pasta.

Indonesia Eats said...

piring'e koyok piring seng retro sing sering digawe nang resto2 ethiopia :)

Ruth Daniels said...

Great post, great photos and great dish. Welcome back to Presto Pasta Nights. I hope next time is soon.

EatTravelEat said...

Oh my my. Spicy lamb and pasta? I am in! Sounds good and definitely know it will taste good:).

Tangled Noodle said...

Awesome! One, I don't know why I haven't had lamb with pasta before; two, I never would've thought to use shrimp paste with lamb and pasta!

Jagungmanis said...

oh no....
pasta... pasta....