Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ha-Ne Sushi Mong Kok - Now I Can Eat Sashimi!

Meet Mr. Sushi Man.
Ain't he cute?
Doesn't he just make you wanna tear off his misterious face mask, his sexy plastic gloves, his cotton chef shirt (I'd keep the hat on), and get him to craft unlimited plates of sushi for ya?
I think he's hot. (sous chef isn't behind me reading this, is he?)

Now, on to the food...

Waitttt...isn't that a plate of the oh-so-popular salmon sushi?....aren't they....RAW???!!!! I don't do raw. The first couple of times I tried raw salmon, I was gagging! I was struggling trying to keep down HK$100-a-bite (US$12) raw fatty tuna! What is that salmon doing on my table?!

Let me introduce you the-all-new-and-improved Rita: she DOES enjoy raw fish now.

So, the new me thought the above salmon sushi is super delicious. Now I can't figure out why the heck did I hate that's freaking delicious. It's all silky, satiny, buttery goodness!

My ordering style is pretty much sticking with what I love. I could order the exact same thing every visit, but not sous chef. His principal is "If I don't know what is it, I should probably try it". So he ordered this plate of raw shellfish sushi, and until now I couldn't quite figure out what was that? All I know was sweet freshness on a golden plate, which means it's pricey. Damn.

My all time favorite, the roasted eel sushi. Now that I start to love raw seafood, I get harder when judging roasted eel sushi. This one in particular, wasn't that good. I missed the smoky, charcoaly flavor on this one.

This is one of the stars of Ha-ne sushi. Who doesn't love long legs? Especially if it's on a crab! This long legged crab meat sushi topped with fish roe and Heaven. The sweetness from the crab, the saltiness from the roe, and the creamy and tangy mayo...simply wow!

Seeing plates after plates of delicious sushi doing the locomotion...I think it's more theurapeutic than seeing fish swimming back and forth in a tank/pond.

Here's where my Indonesian self failed to submerge, it wanted something deep fried! Hehe! I was glad I ordered this Deep Fried Oyster Sushi. Crunchy, creamy...delicious!

Even during the days when I haven't fallen in love with raw fish, I loved sea urchin. The creamy, delicate, fresh sweetness of it reminds me of the sea without all the nasty fishiness. This one is no exception. Super fresh.

By the way, where did Mr. Sushi Man go? He probably got scared of me. Oh, well.

Visit Ha-ne Sushi Mongkok to check him the food out.
Go before 1 pm at lunch time, or before 7 pm at dinner time to avoid Hong Kong's notoriously long sushi queue.


Donna said...

oh my goodness. I found your blog via some delicious shots of food on flickr. It's dinner time here and I have to tear myself away from the screen because my mouth is watering!

Cakelaw said...

I love the look of the salmon sushi/sashimi - the eel one scares me though!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Mr Sexy Sushi Man ;)
Oh YAYYY I like this new and improved Rita that likes sashimi ^^! She is awesome XD and the photos look great!

Heather said...

eel is my favorite sushi, too! isn't eel sauce the best?!

Ah King and Moon said...

I thought it was the Mr. Sushi Man changed your tastbud for raw fish!!*wink* We had the best sushi in Japan, since then, we are constantly craving for fresh sushi. ;-)

Little Corner of Mine said...

I think he's hot too, hahaha...

Anyway, love the spread of sushi! Would love to try sea urchin one day since you said it was good.

Mbah Koeng said...

Jadi laper tuh liat banyak makanan

EatTravelEat said...

Whoa, looks great! I've only tried Itamae sushi in Hong Kong, but not this place yet, even though both are in Mong Kok! Agree, everything looks very fresh and delicious :). Nice colors!