Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Pasta Lunch at Bene Italian - Sha Tin - Hong Kong

Bene Italian - Sha Tin
I used to check out openrice for dining venues when I ventured out of my familiar districts in Hong Kong. But these days? I find that much less helpful. We "openriced" Sha Tin, and all we got were froyo, coffee shops, or bakery. Ahem...not what we're looking for.

We walked around a bit and decided to try this place. I love the cute decor, the color scheme, and the open kitchen. As for the food? We just hoped for the best :)

Since I had to take care of baby M, I didn't photograph the foccacia, tomato soup, and the caesar salad from the set lunch. But I remember liking them all.
Bene Italian - Sha Tin
SC ordered squid ink seafood pasta in white wine sauce. It's simple yet super flavorful! Perfectly cooked seafood and pasta. Light and simple but still tasty broth. It was perfect for the hot and sticky weather. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Bene Italian - Sha Tin
I ordered creamy mushroom, bacon and egg yolk pasta. A tad heavy for the weather, but I only had myself to blame for not being able to resist ordering something creamy. I love it. Again, perfectly cooked pasta with delicious sauce.

We decided to add a bit more dollars to get a dessert with coffee to share.
Bene Italian - Sha Tin
The caramel cake's lovely. Soft, moist, with just enough bitterness and tang from the raspberry and blueberry. The coffee's Lavazza and I like it (since it's served with cream on the side, I think I like cream more than coffee? hehehe).
A very lovely lunch, we'd definitely visit again when we're in Sha Tin.

The set lunch including bread, soup/salad, main course, dessert and coffee/tea costs HK128. It costs less without dessert and coffee, but since I am a horrible blogger, I can't remember how much is it ^_^' sorry!

Bene Italian
Shop 103A, 1/F, New Town Plaza Phase 1
Sha Tin

Tel: +852 2699 3939

After lunch, where did we go?


sydneylyn said...

can I simply say that I love how you take photos of pictures!! :D you are sooo good at it and you are actually the one whom I try to learn from :))

Unknown said...

thank you! i'm still learning too! simply try every angle and setting you can possibly imagine :)

Home Cooking said...

the dishes really make me drooling, specially the caramel cake yuuummm...

Joanne said...

That caramel swoon!