Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rose Shaped Chocolate Cake from Patisserie Tony Wong, Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Patisserie Tony Wong Rose Chocolate Cake
This has got to be one of the most gorgeous cakes I've ever seen! Look at those chocolate rose petals!
Patisserie Tony Wong Rose Chocolate Cake
We were having this cake at Athena's birthday party last weekend. When it was unboxed, there was a collective "ahhhhh" and we gawked at the cake for a good 15 minutes at least...and we surely photographed the cake like there's no tomorrow.

We proceeded to debating on how we should "divide" the cake, as it is obviously too pretty to slice.
We screamed in unison when the birthday girl did this.
Patisserie Tony Wong Rose Chocolate Cake

What's under those beautiful petals?
Patisserie Tony Wong Rose Chocolate Cake
More chocolatey yumminess!

Patisserie Tony Wong Rose Chocolate Cake
My favorite part of the cake's definitely those chocolate petals. As for the cake itself, it would be nice if there were some non chocolate elements in there to prevent us from getting chocolate overdose. There's a pink version of this cake which is as pretty if not prettier. I am soo gonna try it next time ;)

Check out Patisserie Tony Wong's website here.


sugarpuffi said...

i wish there are rose cakes here in sydney :(

Shaheen said...

So delicate, I don't know how you had the heart to bite into it - ah i know, chocolate :)
Thank you for sharing this gorgeous delight.

Von said...

I saw this cake in a magazine two years ago :O And I've always wanted to see the real version- it looks amazing!

Lia Chen said...

Oh my! That rose cake looks absolutely gorgeous. And chocolate inside out just perfect (^.^)

Jaimie said...

I want chocolate rose cake!! Looks tasty :)

Joanne said...

Wow that is crazy beautiful!

tigerfish said...

WhoaAAAA, very exquisite!