Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Dinner at SC's Mom's - Simple Homemade Chinese Food, I Love!

Dinner at SC's parent's means a satisfying meal of delicious homemade Chinese food!
Take a look of what we had yesterday for dinner :)
steamed squid and glass noodles
Steamed squid with glass noodles, garlic, chilli, fermented black beans, topped with plenty of fresh coriander. Imagine the glass noodles soaking up all those delicious flavors. Yum!

Steamed crabs
Steamed small crabs, served with vinegar. They're so tiny and cute!

Marinated beef shin & chicken gizzards
Marinated (lo sui) beef shin and chicken gizzard. Tender, juicy and flavorful! She made extra so that we could pack some leftover for tonight's dinner.

Pan fried pork neck
Pan fried pork neck, simply seasoned with salt, pepper and sugar. Charred & flavorful exterior, tender and juicy interior. Fat at its most fabulous form!

Steamed pork with preserved veggies & fermented beans
Steamed pork with fermented beans and preserved vegetables. Love the touch of sourness in this dish. Baby M feasted on the tender potatoes from the homemade Chinese-style tomato soup.

Stir fried pumpkin with black beans and garlic
Stir fried pumpkin with fermented black beans and garlic. SC's mom is the queen of using pumpkin in stir fries and her pumpkin dishes are always yummy!

For dessert, we had lots of fruits, watermelon, rockmelon...and we had the juiciest, sweetest, biggest lychees I've had so far!
Dessert - Lychees
SC's mom shared a tip of now to make the lychees less "heaty", which is soaking them in salted water. Leave them soaked in the fridge if you wanna serve them cold. You can rinse the water off before serving.
Nothing's more refreshing than these cold lychees.

What a dinner!
Show me the yummies you had last weekend, will you?

PS. You must've noticed that the pictures were all distorted and weird? That's because I was playing with my brand new wide angle lens. Heheheh


daphne said...

home made food to the best! u lucky girl!

Home Cooking said...

What a dinner, the table is full with yummo foods, cold lychees..thats so refreshing for this hot summer!

Lia Chen said...

Wow! Looks delicious! You should ask your MIL for the recipes and post the recipes for us (^.^)

Joanne said...

SC's mom has SKILLZ. Everything looks amazing!

christine cappio said...

I like the way you presented your food. I could feel the atmosphere. So nice! Moved by seeing the table cloth. Remember many many years ago when sharing meals with my mother in law and having newspapers ...typically HK? I lode it!

Chris said...

Gawd, that woman can cook!! And what is amazing is she probably did it all in a kitchen 10feet square! Love the newspaper on the Hong Kong!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping by, my ladies. I knowww, am one lucky woman! :)

Unknown said...

@Lia, yes I posted some of her recipes and will try to post more :D

Anonymous said...

Oohh wide angle lens. Expecting some nice scenery shots coming up :P and mmmmm pork neeckk yummmm

Oma Nia said...

the glass noodle looks really tasty! I was wondering if you can post the recipe of Steamed squid with glass noodles, garlic, chilli, fermented black beans, topped with plenty of fresh coriander :)

Cuisine Paradise said...

Wowow! What a spread! thanks for your tip of soaked lychees in salt water....Must go try it out as i love lychee but due to it's heartiness cannot eat too much esp when durian season is out :)

shellie said...

looks like a lovely feast. That plate of crabs looks incedibly beautiful and thats saying something as I am not a seafood lover.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes, you lucky gal, I would love to have this kind of homemade food. What a great idea to add glass noodle to soak up the all the juice of the squid.

Cynthia said...

This is a meal that I would love, love, love to eat.