Thursday, July 21, 2011

Most Elegant Ramen Meal I've Ever Had - MIST, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong - Closed

MIST Ramen Hong Kong
The title says it all.
I've never thought a ramen meal could be this elegant. Normally, elegant is the #98763474 priority for me when it comes to food, and I always have this suspicion that elegance = pretentious =/= good. But I am so pleased to say that the food at MIST is super mega delicious!

SC and I ordered 1 set dinner (to share) + 1 additional bowl of ramen. It's the perfect amount of food for both of us.

The meal started with one spoon rahmen of sea urchin (the above picture) and chicken broth gelee with caviar.
MIST Ramen Hong Kong
Both absolutely delicious!

MIST Ramen Hong Kong
The lobster & crab meat tartare was sweet and refreshing. Lovely!

MIST Ramen Hong Kong
The smoked chicken thigh with black pepper sauce? Whew! Best black pepper sauce I've tasted in my life! It gave me quite a good kick, and the chicken meat was cooked to perfection. Wonderful!

Now...the ramen...look at how gorgeous this bowl of ramen is!
MIST Ramen Hong Kong
Karamiso Ramen.

The noodles had just the perfect amount of chewiness, the broth's super rich with flavor but not overwhelmingly greasy, the pork slices were melt-in-your-mouth tender.
MIST Ramen Hong Kong

MIST Ramen Hong Kong
Although I adore the richness of the karamiso ramen broth, surprisingly, I preferred this ume shio ramen.

MIST Ramen Hong Kong
Don't be tricked by its paler color. It's very flavorful, with a hint of sourness from the plum. Love it!

MIST Ramen Hong Kong
I am not a big fan of tofu desserts, but this one was so silky smooth, mildly sweet, lightly creamy with a lovely of something floral....I adore!

MIST Ramen Hong Kong
I ended my delicious meal with a cup of coffee.
Very satisfied.
It's so worth the elegant price tag.

A set dinner costs HK$428 and a bowl of ramen costs HK$120-140 (+10% service charge)
MIST (創作麵工房)
G/F, 4 Sun Wui Road, Causeway Bay

Tel: +852 2881 5006


Razlan said...

These photos are gorgeous... and just when I was looking for dinner idea around CWB!

ann low said...

Totally agree with you :) They look very elegant and the presentations are superb! Hopefully to visit this place when I'm in Hong Kong.

Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

omg this is food porn! soo yummy looking! i bet they're expensive too huh? the ramen looks so yummy. i've NEVER had ramen truth be told. but looking at it, makes me want some right now. nom nom nom ...

mochaccinoland said...

looks yumilcious esp the sea urchin one. definitely will try this place soon! :D

Charmaine said...

Can't believe I didn't return to MIST this time around! Love their ume shio. And the dessert looks surprisingly like Chinese tofu-fa with osmanthus syrup! :D

Peter M said...

Rita, the food looks the ramen in a spoon topped with sea urchin!

Manu said...

Great pictures! All the dishes look divine! I particularly loved the lobster and crab tartare and the ramen! They look to die for!

Joanne said...

I didn't even realize that elegant and ramen were allowed in teh same sentence! Looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

That is some baller ramen!! Just missing some foie gras and truffles!

tigerfish said...

One spoon ramen? Full or not? Ok. I see other bowls but portions look small :O

mycookinghut said...

oh wow! what a feast! I'd love to try... !!