Sunday, July 24, 2011

Watermelon & Mint Popsicles for Baby M

Watermelon & Mint Popsicles
In an effort to beat the heat...
I made so many kinds of slurpee, popsicles, granitas, ice cubes, iced drinks, I basically iced everything, it's getting ridiculous!

Remember the watermelon and mint slurpee from yesterday?
Watermelon & Mint Popsicles
I also made it into popsicles for baby M to enjoy.

Did he like?
Watermelon & Mint Popsicle

Sweet, refreshing, homemade, no scary chemicals involved.
Watermelon & Mint Popsicle

Lick, lick, lick!
Watermelon & Mint Popsicle
He couldn't get enough of it :)

Happy weekend, y'all! Stay cool!


Cuisine Paradise said...

Aiyo!!! Baby M is sooo cute! I am sure he enjoys the watermelon Popsicle :p

mycookinghut said...

yum!! I'd love one too!

Joanne said...

My mom used to do this with orange juice. Always so refreshing.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Really nice of you to prepare homemade popsicles for M. I also like the touch of mint in it. :)

Chris said...

Yummy treats! We have been having a month-long heatwave here...horrible! Apple or orange juice is also good for popsicles. When baby M gets older, freezing orange or clementine/ tangerine sections is also a great way to cool down. I like to freeze grapes to drop into drinks, like ice cubes.

daphne said...

How refreshing and no added sugar! perfect for a child (and me who is on a no/low sugar diet)

Oscars said...

vodka added for baby??

Unknown said...

Ohhh sorry, forgot to mention that of course the baby's version didn't have any vodka ;)

pigpigscorner said...

So cute!!

tigerfish said...

Yay! no scary flavorings for Baby M and all of us :D