Thursday, May 29, 2008

Instant Seafood Tamarind Curry - Back from Penang

Yoooo boys & girlssss! Finally! I am back from Penang! After what felt like millions handshakes, gadzillions of hugs and kisses (to and from customers), and countless lengthy explanations on inquiries (e.g: "so, could you tell me how your product works?" - this short question calls for at least 15 minutes explanation each. I tried to give it my best, with my sexy, throaty, flu affected, brian-adam-ish voice, sometimes accompanied by thunderous, glass shattering, non stop cough. I gotta hand it to our customers, who were not fazed by my mighty cough, not even a blink! LOL!)

In between trying to wake up and keep everybody happy for another day, I tried to sample local goodies, even if it had to be from the hotel's room service menu hehe. A trip to the supermarket is a luxury, and on the last day, based on Foodaholiv's advice, I bought these adorable story-books style packs of curry paste, and I tried the tamarind curry.

We were almost fooled by the packaging and thought that they were recipe books instead hehe

Seafood Instant Tamarind Curry


- half pound shrimps, shelled, deveined
- half pound fish fillet, sliced into big chunks
- 1 piece of chicken thigh fillet (optional), remove skin and excess fat, cut into bite sized chunks
- 2 cloves of garlic, crushed (optional)
- 3 cloves of shallot, finely chopped(optional)
- few bunches of fresh corriander, finely chopped (optional)
- 3 red chillis, remove core and seeds, finely chopped (optional)
- fried shallot (optional)
- a bit of olive oil, water
- 1 pack of Tamarind Curry paste (180 gr)

Saute aromatics in a bit of olive oil, add pieces of chicken, add tamarind curry paste, add a bit of water, bring to boil, cook until chicken pieces are almost done, add fish, cook until almost done, add shrimps until it turned into butterfly-like shape, garnish with fresh corriander and fried shallot. If you want it to be easier, skip everything "optional" and just cook your choice of meat with the curry paste hehe.

I'll post more goodies I got from Penang, stay tuned!

Regrets are useless but I couldn't help regretting....


Mama Mia said...

welcome back home! that curry looks yummy! WHy didnt you buy more?!?! haha

Ben said...

Hey, welcome back. Glad to see you made it back in one piece :-p

Oh, tamarind and shrimp is one of the best combinations ever :)

tigerfish said...

I fall for the same trap, always. I regret not buying that more of something because I thought they may not taste that good! Then I miss the window of opportunity if they taste exceptionally good!

Welcome back!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks so yummy! I thought it was book at first, very unique packaging. I don't think I see it in the stores here yet. Wish I can go out!! :(

food makes me happy said...

Welcome back!!!!
We missed you so much here!

daphne said...

hehee. i love instant curry pastes too.. that looks like a great find!

Elle said...

Glad to see you're back! the curry looks delicious. Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! That looks great and what an awesome find. You can't order it and have it shipped to you? Can they ship to me? :-) haha

A.G said...

koe mborong buku aku mborong krupuk karo tempe..loyange jg ga ketinggalan wkwkwkw.. overweight boookk.. untung ra byr wong ipeku bawa koper cilik.... maklum kelas ekonomi wkwkwk....

tp wkt boarding malah dpt select class mergo seat kita udah diembat penumpang lainya... mayanlah dpt makan enak dr pd cuma chips ma minuman dwoang ...

ICook4Fun said...

Rita, hope you had a good trip to Penang. Instant curry paste is good when you are too busy to prepare it from scratch. Some of them do taste good :)