Monday, June 2, 2008

Deliciously Penang

As promised, here are the rest of the delicious treats I had in Penang ^_^

Breakfast at Equatorial Hotel's Coffee Shop

The banana pancakes were super duper yummy! One was definitely not enough!

Lunch at Queensbay Mall Food Court

At least the food court carries some local treats ^_*

Oyster omelette

Penang Char Kway Teow

Spicy Assam Laksa

Dinner at Equatorial Hotel's Japanese Restaurant
Sometimes...during a busy event...there's no other choice but to dine in the us pitiful, but these dishes are pretty fantastic, at very reasonable prices hehe

Soft shell crab tempura

My grilled eel rice bento

Room Service Dinners
I could almost memorize the content of Equatorial Hotel's Room Service Menu hehehe

Mee Mamak...fried noodles with a hint of peanut sauce, served with fried chicken...the perfect indulgence after a day of hard work, I fell asleep right after that, high on carb hehe

Nasi lemak set, the beef rendang is perfect, tender and tasty...and couldn't get enough of the sambal ikan bilis

Oriental grilled chicken with fries...I just craved chunky french fries that night...sorry for not ordering something Malaysian, guys hihihi

What a spread!

The comforting Kway Teow Soup

You must notice that we ordered satay everywhere we went hehehe

Lunch box from Street Eatery just outside PISA stadium

Mee Mamak...loved the challenge is to recreate this in Hong Kong and let my sous chef try

Lunch at Chicken Rice Shop - Queensbay Mall

Grilled butter chicken - super tasty!

Grilled drumstick, tender meat, tasty sauce

Fried chicken dumplings

Honey BBQ chicken

Ofcourse, everything eaten with chicken rice ^_^

Seafood Dinner - Georgetown

Our van driver successfully diverted us from going to Batu Ferringhi (apparently it was too far for him), and we were pleasantly surprised by this gorgeous seaside seafood restaurant

Breath-taking view

Fresh live seafood

Are these coconuts?


Are these UFOs? or army tanks?

Juicy and tasty crayfish

Young coconut...tender meat, sweet juice

Steamed fish

Steamed big headed prawns

Crabs cooked with salted egg yolks, finger licking good!

Spicy kang kung with shrimps

Grilled stingray...gone the moment it landed on our table

Lunch at Queensbay Mall's KFC
I bet you're tired of the phrase "Queensbay Mall' already hehe

I love going to local KFC outlets to check if they serve anything local, and YES! they serve chicken rice! YUM!

and chicken chops

Dinner at Batu Ferringhi Food Court
Checking out the food stalls

Our orders

Oyster omellette, spring rolls

Grilled stingray

Satay (again!)

BBQ chicken wings

Crispy noodles with prawns hotplate

Iced white coffee

Breakfast at Penang Airport

The teh tarik was unfortunately too sweet, I could get diabetes just by looking at it...the curry puff was empty, and the pastry was hard...hehe these aren't good airport food

Goodies from Penang

These instant noodles are SUPERB...I wish I could get these in Hong Kong..the noodles were perfectly chewy, the soup base is spicy and tasty...anyone from Penang here? hehehe

Sweet and savoury preserved nutmeg

Delicate puff pastry with sticky brown sugar filling...need to eat these over the sink not to splatter pastry skin all over ^_^

We couldn't get enough of these spicy dried shrimp little cakes


Pandan cakes

Brown sugar cakes

We'll miss you, delicious Penang! Does anyone export Penang goodies to Hong Kong? ^_*

PS. Did you ask how much weight I gained after this trip? Hehe...that's right, I am conveniently ignoring such questions LOL!


Snapshots said...

looks like you enjoy your self, especially eating at Hotel and at restaurants, Pity you did not try out more of the food at the Kopi tiams, The coffee shop Hawker food taste better and its the essence of penang food.

as for getting penang food to hong kong why not, can post it right, if the price is right.

stickyfingers said...

We were just in Penang too - how yummy!! The Hawkers were so good that we never ate in a restaurant - except to do High Tea at the exceptional E&O Hotel.

We found the best curry puffs at a stall outside the Burma Road Market and great Chilli Crab in Penang Road.

Spent a lot of time along Gurney Drive because we were staying there and there was excellent Indian Mamak breads and curries on the road between the Island Mall & Gurney Plaza.

The best satay though was in KL amongst the Chinatown/Petaling Street hawkers.

CK Lam said...

hi,just stumbled upon your blog...its nice to know that you enjoyed the Penang food.
There are plenty more waiting for you in your next visit.

Wibowo Kosasih said...

Wow ... Delicious ... Especially banana pancake .. looks yummy ...
Grrr .. Hungry ...

food makes me happy said...

My god,
I'm gonna put Malaysia on my to-visit list now,
Wish I'll make it there before end of the year!

A.G said...

weh itu work trip apa culinary trip ?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, you definitely had your share of great food. And lucky you managed to get the sambal udang piah, I searched high and low in Melaka and couldn't find it. :(

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Dude lady! Did you double in size? ;)

Everything looks so good.

Salt N Turmeric said...

im suffereing fr toothache now but still after looking at those pictures, id do almost anything to get my hands on them. i want satay! i want chicken rice!

speaking of chicken rice at kfc, i never knew they have rice now. did u get the salt & pepper shaker? im so gonna ask my bro to get them for me. theyr so cute!

stickyfingers said...

S&T, I got the salt and pepper shakers with the chicken chop meal - another local specialty. They are ceramic, I was expecting melamine so a nice bonus.

Unknown said...

hi snapshots, yeah...too bad i didnt get to try more street food T_T

hi stickyfingers, wow! i am so green with envy sob sob

cklam, i think i needed a local foodie guide hehe

cindy, you really have to visit...go to penang, it really is a beautiful place, if only i was there for a holiday hehe

benny, beli leker aza kamu hehehe

ayin, trip kerja sambil ngemil eh salah...makan besar hehehe

hi ching! yeahhh i looooveeee the sambal udang piah (i have this thing for savory snacks)..if only i bought friends are all crazy about them!

ehm wandering chopsticks, i chose not to answer the question HAHAHA

hi s& have to try it! I am thinking of cooking the chicken rice at home and get some KFC chicken delivered to replicate the KFC chicken rice experience hehehe...gosh...i didnt really pay attention to the salt and pepper shakers T_T (the chicken rice blinded me lahhhh T_T)

hohoho stickyfingers...i was contemplating ordering both meals (chicken rice & chicken chops) but didnt wanna scare my already shocked co-workers with my capacity hehehe (they were already asking me "you really need to eat those TWO pcs of chicken???!!!!")

taste memory said...

wow, in just a short span of time ~ that was a heck of a lot of food to digest!

That's some culinary journey ~ what fun that must have been....I think I'd been recovering for quite some time after that one! Thanks for sharing it all & welcome back.