Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Creamy Fusili with Sausages, Mushrooms & Baby Corn - Last Minute or Early Bird?

Change is still a hot topic here at Mochachocolata-Rita's.

I used to be an extreme Last Minute person. If I was not pressed for time, I wouldn't be able to produce anything at all. I never wanted to admit this before, but I generally performed best under extreme pressure. During my school/uni days (like a zillion years ago haha), I wouldn't start studying/doing assignments until the deadline punched me in the face and smacked me in the ass.

The last minute habit continued until I didn't know since when I slowly evolved from Ms. Last Minute to Ms. Early Bird/Nervous Wreck....

I guess it started when work life began...

When I thought I was already Ms. Last Minute, it was nothing compared to how a typical work place operates (applicable to any work place ^_* I am not talking about an organization in particular here hoho).
- Customer's made to order items won't get done until he/she is screaming at your boss' boss
- Promotional materials won't get prepared until it almost could not get produced
- Payments won't get approved until vendors list your names in their little "do not entertain" book in red ink
- Visa application for business travel will not get processed until you get rejected to board the aircraft

All of the above caused serious emotional damages and turned me into a Ms. Early Bird - Nervous Wreck, which I just realized recently:
- I love going to the airport wayyyyyyyyy earlier than necessary (maybe this is an indication that I love shopping at duty free shops, therefore, not a proof of whether one's an early bird/a nervous wreck or not LOL)
- I love preparing things in advance, although in the end, everything still only gets done at the last minute (old habit is hard to shake off eh? haha)
- I love thinking about what sorta food I wanna make for food blogging events wayyy ahead, although I almost always fail to submit them due to missed deadlines (duh!)

...I guess I haven't changed much after all! WAHAHAHAHA...

But this time, the talented Kevin of Closet Cooking is hosting Presto Pasta Nights and I dun wanna miss the deadline, so here comes my submission EARLY *grin*

Creamy Fusili with Sausages, Mushrooms & Baby Corn

(serves 2)
- Half packet of fusili, cook based on instructions on the packet
- 4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
- 1 packet of baby corn, halved and chopped into big chunks
- 1 packet of oyster mushrooms, wash and soak in hot water for a while
- 4 chicken franks, sliced
- olive oil, butter
- salt, black pepper, sugar
- 200 ml coconut milk (almost 1 cup) (or you can use cream)

Brown sausages in hot oil, then add garlic and saute until fragrant, add baby corns, cook until softened, add mushrooms, add coconut milk/cream, season with salt, pepper, sugar, add cooked pasta, mix well, add seasoning if necessary, garnish with fried shallot/freshly chopped corriander

I knew I still had an early bird in me! ^_^


Anonymous said...

Better safe than sorry!
I love this pasta dish, with all those yummi ingredients.

Retno Prihadana said...

Yang suka makanan begini, anak2ku Rit, makannya ditambah pake yoghurt:)

test it comm said...

That pasta looks good! Nice photos! I like the sound of using the coconut milk with the sausage! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights! I tend to procrastinate too much as well. ;)

Elsye said...

rita ini pake santen...? nekkk aku belum pernah coba pasta dikasih santen

RecipeGirl said...

My hubby is a last minute kinda guy. Drives me nuts. Back in college he was one of those kind of people who could write a paper 2 hours before it was due and receive an A.

Me, however. I'm miss "organization." Everything is in its place, and I'm usually on time for everything :)

Good pasta!

Jagungmanis said...

onok pasta ng kene...
aku wingi yo bar gawe fettucini.
tapi rung tau nganggo santen ik...

daphne said...

yum!! i like using sausages in pasta! such a tasty addition.

Little Corner of Mine said...

How creative!! Replaced the cream with coconut cream. ;)

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

that looks delish!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i nvr knew u could use coconut milk to make pasta! hmm very asian..

Cakelaw said...

I like goning to airport early too - and I think the shops play a large part in that ;) Your pasta dish looks absolutely delicious.

Anonymous said...

Rita....long time no stopping by here :D :D sorry yah...your pasta is like east-west in a dish, baby corn in pasta dish!

KC said...

This is the kind of fusion food I like!

I am a great procrastinator. If things are done too early, eg an essay, then there is the temptation to refine and change and then one starts having doubts. Better to do it at the last minute.