Monday, February 18, 2008

Satay Beef Ramen

I am submitting this for Presto Pasta Nights. Enjoy!

Slather satay sauce on anything, and you can't go wrong.

I wanted to make Chiu Chow style "Satay Beef Hor Fun" (rice noodles), but fresh noodles sell like hotcakes here.

If you don't get them from the market early in the morning, armed with weapons:

- Anything physical you can use to get others outta your way (umbrellas/giant cucumber/carrot/sugar cane sticks/squid ink/your elbows)
- Speed (be the first one to snatch the freshest bag of hor fun in 1 split second)
- Solid communication/negotiation skills (30 minutes argument in a combo of at least 3 languages (Cantonese, while pretending to be local to get more discount, Mandarin, to build up sense of fellowship with mainland vendors, Indonesian/Javanese/Tagalog, to distract the array of domestic helpers & slap some English when feigning ignorance) for the extra 50 cents discount)

all the domestic procurement managers (a massive array of aunties, grandmas, mamas, & domestic helpers) would have wiped the noodles off, and you'll end up weeping at the corner with bags of Japanese instant ramen just like me.

The instant ramen I got, not as fresh, not as "elastic" as the fresh ones.

- 4 packets of ramen
- aromatics: chopped garlic, onion, chilli, spring onion, crushed ginger
- sauce: sweet soy sauce, satay sauce, fish sauce, pepper
- olive oil
- sliced beef
- little pak choy

Marinate beef in satay sauce, sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, & pepper. Loosen up ramen in hot water, rinse with cold water, set aside. Saute beef in hot oil, set aside. Stir fry noodles with some of the aromatics, fish sauce, sweet soy sauce, a little satay sauce, set aside. Stir fry pak choy with the remaining of aromatics, add sauces, beef, you can add water and corn starch if you want more sauce. Scoop some noodles onto a plate, pour veggie and beef over, drizzle some sauce, garnish with chopped fresh chilli and spring onion/corriander.

I am currently on some "trainings" (weights, cardio, body and mind) & "drugs" (panadol & multivitamins) to prepare myself for the next fresh noodles procurement battle, and this is the mantra I kept saying to the mirror every morning: I WILL WIN!

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Jagungmanis said...

boleh jg,Rit.. mbok dftrke opo kui? aku rung s4 moco,soale ki lg BW pake HP.dadi rodo ngelu yn moco okeh2, kan ming ktok cilik, boso ingg pisan.haha maklum ki ws sui g skolah,bs inggse dadi mblukuthuk.hehe btw,tengkiu yo Rit..

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks visiting my blog! I've had the HK version many times but I still prefer the ones here. Haha..

I know my HK friends are going to kill me for this comment. lol

rokh said...

linked ;)

Retno Prihadana said...

Belum pernah makan mie pake sate,Klo pecel pake mie dah pernah:)) boleh juga nih Rit.

Unknown said...

to rokh, woohoo!

mba retno, iya neh mba, teringat zaman kuliah dulu aku makan mie goreng pake sambel pecel, plus bakwan sayur (pia pia) wah keinget pun dah ngiler...sayang bakul pecel gendongannya pensiun huhuhu

Ruth Daniels said...

What a gorgeous looking dish. It makes me want to eat the screen! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

KC said...

Great recipe! Noodle shopping as a form of physical exercise!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Ruth! Hoping to be a regular.

Hi KC, yeah..wat we need to do for a pack of fresh noodles....