Wednesday, February 13, 2008

*Fortune Noodles

We are upgrading the humble HK$1.50/pack "Fook" (fortune) instant noodles, which is normally eaten as noodle soup and the preparation just takes as short as 2 minutes (p.s. I did not include the amount of time required to put on my sexy & seductive home-chef outfit *oversized tee & underpants combo, tat is*) into something fab, something we might eat for HK$50 in Indonesian Restos here.

Unfortunately such luxury noodles can't be prepared in 2 minutes. But, I promise, it is all worth it.

(Serves 4 normals or 2 greedies)
- 4 packs of Fook noodles (you can replace this with any humble instant noodles of your choice)
- aromatics: crushed ginger, chopped garlic, chilli, corriander, spring onion
- sauces: instant noodles seasoning from the packs, Indonesian sweet soy sauce (kecap manis)
- accessories: sliced assortment of balls and sausages (normally leftover from hotpot fiesta)

Boil noodles according to the instructions at the back of the package (be careful not to overcook), drain, set aside. Pan fry sliced balls/sausages in hot oil until brown-ish, throw in aromatics, swirl them around until fragrant, add noodles, add seasoning powder, add sweet soy sauce, toss it around...and

Oh yeah, you'll be charged HK$50 for that

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deeTha said...

helo Rita...
tenkiu yo, udah maen ke dapurku...
tengkiu jg udah di link.
punyamu aku link juga yaa...
gimana Hong Kong, rame ya imlek taun ini?