Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Leisurely Br-EGG-fast

A day off! A day off! A Day OFF!!! Woooo hoooo hooo!! Oh yeah oh yeah!! Ho yea!! Hoooo yeaaa!!

From the above emotional-nutty outburst, you must realise that I don't get weekdays off very often. So, a leisurely breakfast is a luxury for me.

A weekday breakfast is normally a HK$3.5 tuna-mayo bun (my current favorite, it is gorgeous, I will take a pic and post tomorrow) bought from a small shop called Sakurashima, eaten at desk out of a plastic bag, while checking out work email inbox, the content of which isn't always a pleasant breakfast reading material.

Sooo, a nice more-than-just-one-item breakfast combo, eaten while watching my current favorite series
Top Chef, is a major luxury.

The Br-EGG-Fast Combo
- Home made egg and honey bread french toasts, slathered with butter, condensed milk & chocolate sauce
- Beddar Cheddar sausages (sausages filled, bursting with liquid cheddar cheese), boiled
- Scrambled Eggs

Egg and Honey Bread French Toasts
(serves 2)
- 4 slices of Garden's Honey and Egg bread, halved (can be replaced with normal white/grain bread)
- 1 egg, beaten, add a bit of sugar and teeny bit of salt (we are going for sweetness)
- butter/cooking oil
- condensed milk/chocolate sauce/strawberry jam/Sam Talbot of top chef season 2, whatever you fancy on your toasts

In case you forgot how gorgeous it looks, here comes the photo again. In case you're bored of this, well, bite me. Ha-ha!

The scrambled eggs were done over low heat, stirred from time to time to form a nice texture, season, serve. Do NOT overcook. Dry fried eggs, me no likey.

*Other drool-able breakfast posts: Jollibee's pancake sandwich & Hong Kong Big Breakfast*


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow..wat a breakfast!!

read ur valentines post..aint all that bad was it? 3 girls n 1 guy..hes 1 very lucky guy haha

Mochachocolata Rita said...

haha thx! but u wudn't wanna be in his shoes though, we are demanding customers hehe

Argus Lou said...

Cute blog, nice pictures!
Now you've made me so-ooo want a brunch with sausages.

deeTha said...

weh... medeni Rit, rotimu.
aku mau yo bar gawe...

Dwiana P said...

ini makanan buat breakfast kegemaran my hubby:)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi argus,
thx for dropping by...these sausages...they are just...oh gosh, no word can describe how good it is...i'll take a pic of the package, you might be able to get it from supermarkets

hi deet,
walah kok medheni? hehehe...eh nek nganggo kinco kiro2 enak rak yo?

hi dwiana,
yeah...hihi biasa pake syrup maple? atau persis kaya gini?

Jacky Chow said...

Nice food photos!! ^.*
Haha... Just know that there are still having 2 Jollibee stores in Hongkong.
Pancake Sandwich!! yeah !!
Gonna to try this week !! *.^

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Hi Jacky, thxx for dropping by. Yeah only 2 jollibees left. I hope they wont close down like Hardee's T_T i miss hardee's

rita bellnad said...

OHHH... GOOLLY.. I only had coffee for my breakfast...yours looks scrumptious

Mochachocolata Rita said...

from rita to rita (hehe)
yeah...."breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a slave" doesn't work for me hehe. i always over-eat every meal, hence the omitted waistline in profile pic lol