Wednesday, February 27, 2008

King Ludwig Beerhall

We needed a venue to celebrate (opps, farewell) a workmate. Foodaholiv suggested this great German place in Tsim Sha Tsui, King Ludwig Beerhall. We started by drinking Happy Hour 0.5 litre buy-1-get-1-free beer on empty stomach (yeah baby, no baby!)

Our carbo quick-fix arrived soon after, warm bread with liver pate & herb cheese spread and roasted garlic pasta with pesto, which we quickly gobbled, preventing further alcohol damage. LOL

The rest of our orders arrived soon after. No, we were NOT at Cafe de Coral, or any other fast food chains, this is just Hong Kong, where everything is super speedy, where people throw themselves into MTR trains despite the 1 minute waiting time during peak hours.

The pork knuckle. Our server kindly let us take some pictures before butchering up this bad boy. Something funny about our server: (name omitted) he seemed to have difficulties digesting our words (both in Cantonese and English), we were wondering if he was on drugs (maybe some potent flu medicine?)

Crispy skin, juicy meat with crispy fluffy fried potatoes

Spicy sausages with pickles and creamy potatoes. Yes we can't go German without ordering sausages, aye?

Mixed grilled sausages. I am a big fan of sausages. Call me cheap and fussy, personally, I am just not a big fan of german sausages eaten in restos. I still love my favorites more: Valley's chicken franks or Beddar Cheddar sausages (available in local supermarkets)

Chestnut puree with merengue...nothing special for this pricing. I'd rather get this at a local bakery. Sorry guys, it was my idea to order this one. Oooopssie.

Chocolate mousse, this one is rich and creamy, until I realized there are chunks of sour mangoes and peaches at the bottom...hmmm...the sourness shocked me. I could live without it.

Mocha Creme Brulee. This is the best dessert on that evening. Creamy, with a tinge of chocolate and mocha, the brulee cracked perfectly. I'd go for this one again next time.

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