Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rambutan Punch

I fancied something more than just our good old standard drinks (coke, sprite, beer, water + cough drop?) for the V-Day party, had a can of rambutan, so I came up with this not too sweet (cos we were gonna make Chocolate Mochi for dessert, led by FoodahoLiv), but still refreshing. This would also be perfect for summer parties.

- 1 can of rambutan meat in syrup
- 2 cans of soda water
- voooooodka (cos a party is just NOT a party without a lil booze?)

Mix well, pour into glasses

For the record, nobody got drunk. Annie did the Jay Chou impersonation 100% sober (guess what she'd do when she's drunk lol)

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