Thursday, February 14, 2008

*Irritatingly Easy Dark Choco Cake

Spongy but moist dark chocolate cake? Love it
Gooey melted dark chocolate oozing out of the cake? Love it
The ridiculously easy way of making it? LOOOVE IT
So, where is the irritating part?...

I saw this super cheap (HK$13) package at a food store, I thought all I need is just to microwave the whole package and I'll have an exact cake as pictured on the cover. When I opened it, I was puzzled seeing 2 small packages. I can't read Chinese, so I asked a friend to read the instructions for me.

My friend decided to take over & do the cake for me (this is getting irritating, cos I wanted to be the one who did the cake, when else you can get maximum credit with a minimum effort?)

Just how easy could it get?
Pour milk and oil up to the level indicated in the cup (yes, it INDICATES!), add 1 egg

add the powder from the package

mix well

Then add the giant blocks of dark chocolate in the middle of the mix. I added some CNY chocolate coins from my gym instructor for a good measure.

Microwave for about 2 minutes, and you'll get this lovely, spongy, moist, rich chocolate cake with gooey melted dark chocolate inside

...and it simply irritates those who normally bake such cake from scratch

Ahhh by the way, it's Valentine's Day. Read my Valent$$$ne's Day posting here, and let me share this lovely box of Pre-Valentine's Day Cointreau Dark Chocolate Truffles from LoveLiv


deeTha said...

aku kok ra kebagian coklate ki pie?
eh, blogmu pasangi SB tah, ben iso ngobrol...
hah? udan kembang ng hongkong?
iso mandi kembang tengah malam donk... (emange lagu dangdut? hihihi)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

piye masange deet? hehehe...mandi kembang...mandi maduuu ah ah ah