Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pre-CNY Japanese Lunch

One of my few weekday lunches out. I currently work at HK's Central Business District, the home of pricey lunches. Not only pricey, there are also very limited places for lunch around our building in Central. Celebrating pre-CNY day, we headed to Wanchai for more decent selection of lunch treats.

Foodaholiv recommended this new Japanese place. Just like any other Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong, it is super crowded, especially around lunch time, and it doesn't take any reservations. Not really good for us with just 1 hr lunch time. After about 20 minutes waiting with other pre-CNY corporate crowd, we were finally seated.

The tempura was excellent, light, crispy, portion was generous for HK$62

While waiting to be seated, we spotted a hottie passing by, beef Sukiyaki set that is. We couldn't help but ordered it. It was as good as it looked, the soupy base was very beefy, the egg made it creamy, perfect with rice.

All in all, it was a good meal, but if it doesn't open for reservation, I'd hesitate going back there again, risking staining my kinda clean-ish attendance record.

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