Friday, February 15, 2008

A Chaotic Valentine

The Menu
~Winter Chicken ala Annie~
~Penne Bolognaise ala Kenneth~
~Zucchini Carbonara ala Rita~
~Choco Mochi with Nutella & Peanut Butter fillings ala Liv~
~Rambutan Punch ala Rita~

The Chaos

CHAOS is what you get when you try to squeeze 4 people cooking 4 different items in little teeny tiny Hong Kong kitchen (200 cm x 90 cm). Feel the chaos (and the fun)

1 cook, 3 busy -bodies

Liv's flour sifting stance

Annie's sizzling (chicken) legs

You should hear the music background of 4 growling stomach

Couldn't wait for dessert, we ate the bunches of flowers from the gentleman

I didn't know chickens could look this good

We suck at portion control, but tat's good cos each of us get 1 lunch box

Don't blame global warming for it was snowing in Kowloon...blame the Thai glutinous rice flour

A great idea of torturing method: stare at this, but DON'T eat

Why our mochis aren't the same shape nor size?

Kenneth made giant ones

Annie made medium ones

I made tiny ones, Liv made perfect ones with double filling of peanut butter & nutella mix

What you didn't see is a beautiful scene of cheese splattered all across the table

A dash of vodka into the punch

The vodka explains this behaviour

~Recipe links coming soon to theatres near you~
*Read my other Hong Kong Valentine's Day article here*


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Your mochi looks fabulous. Much nicer than mine! :) So glad you tried my recipe. Now I feel like I should re-do mine so they look nicer too.

deeTha said...

wah,iso gae mochi ik.. aku gae'no yo Rit,doyan bgt aku kr mochi.
btw,kw wong smrg jg to? aku ki wong smg malah rung tau tk selad solo ng tk oen.hahaha
lah kw kok iso trdampar ng hk ki pie critane?

GICM Aficionado said...

Go to go to Sizzlerrr ......

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi wandering chopsticks,
when i found your recipe, i was sure i'd like to try it some day, and my pal, foodahoLiv decided we should try it for valentine's party, she featured the modified recipe in her blog ^_^

well done...the recipe's amazing...we just had to use LOTS of FLOUR so we wont have the dough sticking to our hands hehehe, it's a good group activity, we had a lot of fun rolling mochi together. you've made our party goin, thankssss!!!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

mochi ternyata gampang lho...nggawene, meskipun pliket kabeh hohoho

aku ki wong smg lho...jowo forever hehe. toko oen jl.pemuda kan ngetop bistik & es krim'e. neng kene aku terdampar kerjo..bagi2 resep valentinmu yo...

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi, share ur valentine story, did you go to sizzler? hehe

eliza said...

love your mochi! kepengen jg loh bikin mochi, pake nutella lagi apalagi :D

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi eliza,
iya, enak tuh mochinya nyontek dari wandering chopsticks. ternyata yg pake peanut butter juga enak banget tuh...mix ajah! hehehe

Florence said...

Hi Rita,
So glad you drop by my blog.
Found another SEAsian blogger blogging in English in HK.
Seems like you all are having a wonderful time celebrating Valentine's Day.
I look forward to you sharing more of your local cookings.

Jackson said...

what a nice and fun Valentine's day!! i wil go to HK this coming May....hehe..any good food to recommend?

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Hi Jackson, that is SO cool!

if you could read Chinese, is the most popular source, lemme know ^_^