Monday, February 25, 2008

The Japanese Combo: Roasted Eel Fried Rice & Beef Sukiyaki

My sister just passed by Hong Kong on her way back to Indonesia from her Japan trip. When you are traveling with a tour group, it is perfectly normal to be fed crappy food. No matter where you go, Asian tour groups might feed you Chinese food all the time. I remembered in one of my trips to Japan, in Tokyo, we were brought to a THAI buffet style restaurant (wtf!!!)

When confronted, our tour guide was fully prepared with 10001 reasons why we should eat THAI food instead of Japanese food, but I bet these are some he wished he could say to our face:

1. Because I said so
2. Because the tour company and I get HUGE commission from this restaurant
3. Because nobody would eat here
4. Because I knew you guys would be pissed and nothing turns me on more than angry travellers

Soooo when my sis visited me over the weekend, seriously lack of Japanese food intake, I decided to use her favorite Japanese foodstuff, Roasted Unagi (Eel) and made Japanese Roasted Eel Fried Rice

To balance the taste of the rich fried rice, I came up with my version of Beef Sukiyaki

I bet these are tastier than the crappy Chinese food she had in Japan ha-ha-ha!

Roasted Eel Fried Rice
- 3 cups of rice, cooked the night before, kept in the fridge
- finely chopped onion
- green peas
- 2 roasted eels, chop into not too small chunks
- roast eel sauce (forgot to take a pic, I will do it later)

- soy sauce
- olive oil

Pan fry chunks of roasted eel in olive oil, set aside. Saute finely chopped onions, throw the rice and green peas in, mix well, add roast eel sauce ans soy sauce, mix well, sprinkle the eels all over, mix em up, serve

Beef Sukiyaki
- 1 pack of thinly sliced American beef (choose the ones with nice marble of fat)
- 1 piece of tofu
- thinly sliced onion
- 3 little bunches of wawa veggie

- olive oil
- soy sauce, sugar
- 1 egg

Saute sliced onion, add some of the beef, add veggie, add soy sauce and sugar, cook until veggie is almost fully cooked, add the remaining of the beef, when the beef is almost cooked, crack the egg on top. P-r-e-t-t-y!


Anonymous said...

it was GREAT!!! more than i've ever imagined... the fried rice was super tasty, the eel was super moist... the sukiyaki made me a veggie fan, tho i'm known for hating veggie. perfection. thanks sis!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

my pleasure, you veggie hater! lol

Wandering Chopsticks said...

What? I've never heard of that? Well, I've only been on small tours but everyone knows you want to experience a country's culture. How can you do that eating another ethnic cuisine? Weird!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi there! exactly! I had simply too many crappy chinese meals on my trip to europe. I went to Italy, France & Swiss and I had tasted crappy Chinese food in each country. absolutely crappy. ^^